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The 11 Essentials

The 11 Essentials

Review of The 11 Essentials

The 11 Essentials is a very unique dating product developed by Love Systems. Nick Savoy and the other dating coaches at Love Systems continue to maintain developing innovative products to improve your dating life. Here is a review of each disc that you will get from The 11 Essentials.

The dating advice you get in the 11 Essentials:

The 11 Essentials Disc 1 – 7 Seductive Ideas –

Dating coach Savoy

Savoy starts this off by discussing some of the horrible dating advice that has been embedded in the brains of many guys, which have actually been diminishing their dating skills. This is taken place at the Love Systems Super Conference, and is a great way to get guys motivated to go out and make a change for the better in their dating lives. He covers topics that all guys can relate to, and sparks some excitement into the crowd.

The 11 Essentials Disc 2 – The Love Systems Triad Model –

Dating coach Future

One of Love Systems most seasoned dating coaches, Future gets into great detail on the Love Systems Triad model. He explains is in a very simple way, making it extremely easy for anyone to understand. Future has been a dating coach with Love Systems for a very long time, and is one of the most enjoyable instructors to watch. He brings a great amount of energy and humor to his presentation, which only makes you more inspired to learn game and enhance your dating life.

The 11 Essentials Disc 3 – Intro to Attraction –

Dating coach The Don

I found the dating tips in this disc to be extremely helpful. During my journey to become skilled in dating, I was always losing many girls in the attraction stage. I did eventually get better, but had I learned about the area more I would have improved a lot faster. Another seasoned dating coach and legend, The Don hits the bullseye with his in-depth explanation on attraction switches. He also covers the topic of routines, and how they can be effective in your dating life. However, he does mention to not rely on them, as it can lead to unhealthy dating habits.

The 11 Essentials Disc 4 – 200% Social Proof –

Dating coach 5.0

I was pretty amazed by the dating tips in this section. Social proof was something I never really focused on, and something I would have never thought of to be one of the dating essentials. A lot of times, I was able to naturally get social proof without even knowing it. Dating coach 5.0 really seems to be a master in this area; he gives in-depth descriptions on how girls will make instant judgements about you, also known as thin-slicing. He then gives some good guidelines on how to build your social proof in all venues, whether it be clubs, coffee shops, book stores, or bars. This all contributes to the way a girl makes her instant judgement on you. If you can have her thin-slice you as a cool, social guy, she will be less likely to reject you. That is why it is so important to enhance your status as much as you can, because girls use a snap shot judgement on you to make a decision. In a short amount of time, can you be a potential guy she will be dating after the night? A cool area that 5.0 also covered was blow outs. No one likes to get rejected, but he discusses ways you can make blow-outs only add to your social value. Who knew getting blown out can improve your dating skills!

The 11 Essentials Disc 5 – Qualification –

Dating coach Keychain

Dating coach Keychain did a great job on explaining the importance of qualification. It is a vital tool that will help you keep more girls in your dating life. Keychain provides you with simple exercises you can do to practice, as well as some example stories. Keychain’s presentation is very powerful, and this disc, as well as all the others, need to be watched more than once. After messing up so many times in my beginning stages of dating, I learned how powerful qualification was and made it a strength in my arsenal of dating skills.

The 11 Essentials Disc 6 – Power of Frames -

Dating coach Future

Another very important area in enhancing your dating lives. If you are lacking in good frame control, you are going to give the worst sub-communications to women. You need to have great frame control as well to handle and shit tests a girl will throw at you. Future teaches this subject perfectly.

The 11 Essentials Disc 7 – Storytelling –

Dating coach Tenmagnet

Storytelling is actually one of the most underrated dating skills one can have. The ability to tell a good story can help you gain massive attraction. Also, it will make your dating life fun! Dating coach Tenmagnet really tackles this topic with a great presentation.

The 11 Essentials Disc 8 – Identity –

Dating coach Cajun

Like the other essentials on the disc set, all seem to be vital in becoming the ideal man and a master in dating. Cajun discusses why it is so important to present yourself the right way when you are trying to add more women in your dating life. If you can make your identity strong and exciting, your success and number of women in your dating life will increase.

The 11 Essentials Disc 9 – Inner Game -

Dating coach Vercetti

Inner game is one of the most important essentials in the disc set, and is mandatory for anyone if they want to not only get better at dating, but anything in life. After years of practicing, I can say that inner game was the one most important tool in enhancing my dating life. Without good inner game, nothing would work. It impacts the way you say things, and how you present yourself. You need tight inner game to become a PUA. Without it, you can’t improve on any other characteristics.

The 11 Essentials Disc 10 – Daygame -

Dating coach: Soul

Daygame is an aspect of game that everyone needs to get into. Jeremy Soul is a pioneer in the field of day game, and his results show for it. You will learn the power of day game, as well as ways to implement it in your dating life and increase the number of women you sleep with.

The 11 Essentials Disc 11 – Older Men and Younger Women -

Dating coach: Bullet

This was a great section of the 11 essentials. Oh, and even if this doesn’t apply to you, you need to see this section! Bullet goes over inner game as well as some openers to help your overall game. He also gives you a guideline on how to get rid of nasty dating habits.

What dating skill level is the 11 Essentials most suited for?

The 11 Essentials will benefit all levels of dating skill. Each essential can be applied to beginning, intermediate, and advanced-level daters. I see myself as advanced, and I was able to learn A LOT from this dating product.

Bottom Line on the 11 Essentials:

I highly recommend The 11 Essentials for a few reasons. One, it applies to all levels of game and will improve your dating life no matter what. In The 11 Essentials, you get valuable advice from some of the best dating coaches in the world.  The final reason is that this is the closest product out there to a bootcamp. Love Systems bootcamps are extremely valuable, and The 11 Essentials is much cheaper.

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