9 and 10 Game

9 and 10 Game

Review of 9 and 10 game

I love this dating product. Once again, Love Systems shows why they are a top-tier dating company. They produce dating products that specify one specific topic, such as this audio on 9 and 10 game. It is these audios that really help you become advanced with dating. There are great dating products out there that will get you on the right track to enhance your dating life, and will even help you become advanced. But when you get to that stage, you are going to need to focus on specific areas to really become a master. 9 and 10 game is one of those dating products, if mastered, will take your dating life to the next level.

As you go on your journey to improve your dating life, you are going to realize that 9s and 10s can sometimes be scarce. Therefore, if you are dating 9s and 10s, it is rare, and that is even if you can find yourself in a situation to be around them often. Braddock and Mr. M explain this as well as how to surround yourself with more 9s and 10s because some nights you may not even see any out! I love this audio because it is almost 2 hours, and it is filled with some of the most valuable dating advice out there. You will realize that there really is a specific strategy to consistently be dating 9s and 10s, and Braddock and Mr. M have cracked the code.

There is a huge difference between gaming and dating 9s and 10s, compared to the rest of the women you encounter. Braddock and Mr. M get into great depth on these differences and give you clear guidance to be prepared for the 9s and 10s.

There are so many factors that I never even thought about that come into play when trying to game 9s and 10s. I can’t get into too much detail in this review, because the audio is almost 2 hours long! And, I can’t just give away all the dating secrets on a review. I will give you a little idea on how in-depth it gets when dealing with 9s and 10s. First off, getting access to more 9s and 10s is a mission on it’s own. Braddock and Mr. M layout the path to help you get into more situations where 9s and 10s are present. How do you approach a 9 and 10? This is the part that I was most fascinated by. Sure, you can sometimes cold approach a 9 and 10 and get success, but there are techniques you must apply to make it much more consistent. Braddock and Mr. M discuss how to pre-approach a 9 and 10, as well as certain things to say when interacting with them. The frames you set are crucial in getting 9s and 10s, as well as the sub-communications you are going to be giving off. The dating audio gets into great detail on all the components when it comes to meeting and dating 9s and 10s.

What dating skill level is 9 and 10 game best suited for?

This is definitely an audio for advanced guys, or guys that are about to reach that stage. It is one of those dating audios that is really going to help you get to the next level in your dating life, however you must be ready for it. If you don’t have your sub-communications and frames in check, you will see some disaster when trying to implement the dating advice in this audio. That being said, this audio will give anyone a general idea at the monster they will be attacking when adding 9s and 10s into their dating life. Not many dating products tackle the area of 9s and 10s; most products usually focus on women as a whole.

How 9 and 10 game audio impacted my dating life

This dating product by Braddock and Mr. M really helped fill my dating life with HOTTER women. After using all the dating advice in the audio, I started surrounding my dating life with more 9s and 10s. This audio helped me realize that I am not going to just get super hot women by going out and cold approaching and hoping one hits the bullseye. Sure, that can and will work at times, but it won’t 9s and 10s won’t be consistent in your dating life. After I realized all the different elements there are such as social circle game, pre-approach tactics, and the differences I need to make when communicating with these really hot women, I started to click with 9s and 10s. It takes practice, as everything does, but this dating audio will really open your eyes to the world of 9s and 10s.

How to use 9 and 10 game to improve your dating life

If you want to get the best out of 9 and 10 game, you are going to need to take it step by step. The audio is almost 2 hours long, and with so many components there are when dealing with these gorgeous women, it is best to master each step as you go. Obviously, you need to be at a decent level in your dating life to apply the advice from this audio. You also need to gain more access to the 9s and 10s. So once you are in the presence of more 9s and 10s and you nailed that part down, you can focus on the other elements such as frame setting and certain things to say when interacting with them.

What I disliked about the 9 and 10 game audio

The only negative about this dating product is that the sound is not the best quality. The interview could have sounded much more clear or been done with a better microphone. It is not bad, it just sounds a bit like you are talking on the phone with someone.

Bottom line: 9 and 10 game will take your dating skills to the next level!

I recommend this dating product for all. 9s and 10s are a different ball game, and Braddock and Mr. M give you the tools to succeed. If you want to surround your dating life with consistent 9s and 10s, this product is for you.


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