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The Attraction Formula by Paul Janka

The Attraction Formula by Paul Janka

Review of The Attraction Formula by Paul Janka:

Paul Janka has a very natural style in his game, which makes this  book a fun read and easy to implement into your dating life. Paul’s approach to seems to be very non-complicated when dealing with women, and a lot of the theories are very simple that you can easily add into your skill set.

The Attraction Formula seems to be a numbers game when meeting and attracting women. Paul Janka likes to approach a high number of women and come out with as many phone numbers from his approaches as possible. He keeps the interactions very short and gets the woman’s phone number very quickly. This allows for a large number of approaches in the day, but it also results in abundance for his dating life. This is mostly day game-based and Paul seems to have a very no non-sense approach when dating and interacting with women. His dating methods are very simple and easy to implement and will come off as very natural, so you won’t need to worry about seeming too gamey or using dating pickup lines when applying the theories from this dating product.

The negative about this dating product is that it cannot really be implemented in nightclubs or bars. Paul Janka’s strategy is heavily involved during the day. This dating product is great for people that want to emphasize daytime dating. However, Janka’s methods are not very tactical as his strategy is all about volume. The interactions you run will be short, but it allows you to make a large number of approaches. Although you may not learn too much game related material, this product is great for everyone because you can quickly add more women into your dating life.


What dating skill level will The Attraction Formula benefit the most?

This dating product will benefit all skill levels. It emphasizes daytime dating and helps you get phone numbers very quickly. If you are strictly into night game only, then this product won’t help. But there are always times we are in a rush and we see a hot women we want to talk to…. this book will help you attract these women in a very short amount of time, regardless of dating skill level.

How has The Attraction Formula impacted my dating life?

The Attraction Formula taught me how to become a master at day game when it comes to quick situations. This isn’t a book for guys who go out to nightclubs and bars to have in-depth interactions. It is based on day game and very short conversations. This book has helped me get a massive amount of phone numbers in a very short time, which as helped me add extra women in my dating life. The thing I like the most about the product is that it added a different element to my overall dating skill set, something I call quick-dating. If I am ever in a rush, I can now attract beautiful women in a very short amount of time and potentially add them to my dating life. The Attraction Formula only added abundance to my dating life, because I couldn’t always make the time to go out in a bar or club, or didn’t feel like engaging in nightlife. The book has helped me gain skills where I can get a hot woman’s phone number within minutes.

How to use The Attraction Formula to enhance your dating life

Implementing the methods in The Attraction Formula into your dating life will be quite simple. Paul Janka did an awesome job making all the dating tips and advice in the book extremely simple, but effective at the same time. There will be little to no confusion when you read the book, and once you practice all the dating tactics, it becomes a numbers game from there. If you are an extremely busy guy who has almost no time for a dating life, do not worry. Paul Janka made the methods in the book very easy to implement, even if you have a very short amount of time.

The Attraction Formula Dislikes:

Some of Paul Janka’s theories are hard to apply in nightclub environments. This book is heavily constructed from his New York City day game experiences. That is fine, but not always helpful when your dating life is based on night clubs and bars.

Sometimes Paul Janka tries to make it so simple that he skips major steps in the dating game or at least assumes a lot of knowledge from the reader. This dating product has no emphasis on any nighttime dating situations like bars or nightclubs, and only focuses on daytime dating.

Concluding The Attraction Formula: Quick way to add more women to your dating life

Paul Janka’s methods in the product are not too game related. He has a very simple approach to game and dating. He games in the streets and is a master in daytime dating, and keeps the volumes very high. This method is short and to the point. You won’t learn to attract a girl in the club with this book, but you will learn to get a high amount of phone numbers from women during the day and in the street, which will result in a lot more women in your dating life. The Attraction Formula also holds some good text game you can use when getting these numbers to help you turn these girls into dating prospects. This book WILL get you a lot of phone numbers. He offers good text advice to help you solidify dates. For more on phone game, check out our review of Love Systems’ Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game by dating coaches Braddock and Mr. M.

So if you are a busy guy who has little time for dating, I highly recommend this book. Best of all, the dating advice and tips are extremely simple. Paul Janka has en efficient method where you can add a lot of women in your dating life in a short amount of time. Regardless, this book will help all guys who just want to add more women into their dating life.

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