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The Attraction Code

The Attraction Code

Review of The Attraction Code

Vin DiCarlo has always been one of the dating coaches I have looked up to and respected the most. When I first started reading all about dating, I was examining and reviewing pua lingo and certain techniques that I found weird. Being a beginner, I had to practice because it was proven to work. Although it worked to an extent for me, I never felt like my real self at times. It was until Vin DiCarlo came into the dating scene with The Attraction Code. This dating product turned my mentality into a full 180. This dating product is all about natural attraction and becoming a confident individual.

With so many ways to meet women and the various different approaches that actually work it can often be a case of what you actually DO is not as important as what you THINK. The Attraction Code looks at how to think right. Vin DiCarlo was one of the first men to talk about the natural game a couple of years ago, and since then his ideas and dating methods stuck to me like glue. His belief that it is easy to pick up like a natural if your mind isn’t full of instructions and details is an important part of this book. This will help you become the spontaneous, charming person that you want to become and who will have the best results with women.

With great graphics, classy pictures and great presentation you will find that this dating product is a professionally collaborated dating guide. Between the chapters you get a ‘dating journal’ from an imaginary student that helps you put into context all that you have learned. You get an insight into this students thought processes, mistakes and progress, and whilst this may sound a bit gimmicky, it actually is put together in a well written way and becomes a useful aid to the reader. The student’s dating journal itself is a huge learning tool that will help your dating life. The best part is that the journal is based on a student who had little success early in his dating life; seeing his progress was very helpful and inspiring. Vin DiCarlo also broke down each of the student’s journal entries and discusses what was done right, wrong, and how to fix the problems. He also explained why certain actions were taken.

DiCarlo shows you that relying too much on lines and techniques can stop you from displaying the core attitudes of an attractive man, which can be a danger to your dating life. Dominant men have very different experiences as they not only exude external confidence but also are able to express emotional experience. Understanding what happens internally is what will give you that outward confidence. It’s not easy and pretty much impossible to fake dominance or high status if you let your internal emotions take over.

DiCarlo encourages you to reflect on the nature of your thoughts and discover that you cannot control what other people think but you can control how you think. After all, thinking like a natural will help you be a natural and improve your dating life.

What Dating Skill Level is The Attraction Code best suited for?

I will confidently say that The Attraction Code is mandatory for all beginners. This dating product is all based on natural game and being your real self. DiCarlo explains the importance of being a dominant man, and why you need to express your dominance and masculinity to women. Also, you will never get lost when reading the book. DiCarlo does a masterful job at explaining the reasonings of why certain things work or don’t work, and what characteristics and actions women are attracted to. This book is extremely well written and will not only be an easy read for beginners, but will dramatically improve your dating life.

How The Attraction Code impacted my dating life

The Attraction Code totally turned around my dating life. I was always following pickup theory and routines in my dating life and it worked, but it just didn’t feel right and I was losing consistency. After reading The Attraction Code I was excited to apply the methods because they represented the natural me. This dating product brought out the confidence and masculinity out of me, and I was naturally attracting women without using any lines or routines.

I also really learned what women are attracted to, and it sure as heck isn’t lines and routines. Once I was able to engrain my true beliefs and express my confidence and dominance, I was seeing great strides in my dating life. I also felt like a normal human being. This is not to put down routines and lines, they definitely do work and result in great success. But for some guys like me, routines and lines just don’t feel right. For everyone, routines should eventually be eliminated from your dating skill arsenal. Vin DiCarlo shows you how to be a true man and never need routines or lines in your dating life again.

How to use The Attraction Code to improve your dating life

The great thing about The Attraction Code is that is an extremely easy read. DiCarlo really created a smooth dating product that was well written. Once you study the book, you will understand not only what women are attracted to, but why they are. Also, the student journal in the book is such an amazing learning tool. You can literally follow the same route the student took to become good with women. You will be at an advantage as well, since you will see his mistakes and learn from DiCarlo’s analysis.

What I disliked about the Attraction Code

To be honest, not much. This book taught me a lot and made a huge impact on my dating life. It may be difficult for others because there aren’t really methods in the book, so adding his principles into your dating life can be difficult.

Bottom Line: A must have for beginners to dating

The Attraction Code is a must have if you are a beginner. The dating product offers some of the most valuable advice that will give you the tools to have the dating life you always dreamed of. Do you want to be a confident man and be comfortable with your masculinity? Do you want to naturally attract women and never use pickup lines again?

You need the Attraction Code.

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