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Beyond Words-The Art of Body Language and Physical Escalation

Beyond Words-The Art of Body Language and Physical Escalation

Review of Beyond Words: The Art of Body Langauge and Physical Escalation

by dating coaches Vercetti, Cajun, Mr. M, 5.0, and Keychain

I think this home study dating course serves a lot of valuable advice. First off, there aren’t many dating products out there that emphasize body language. Some cover the topic, but don’t get into much detail and just describe some tips to fix your body language. The DVD course nails EVERYTHING on the subject. There are so many subtleties with mastering body language that no one even thinks about. There are 100s of things that guys are doing wrong with their body language which is actually ruining their dating success, and they don’t even know it!

Physical escalation is an extremely important tool when interacting with women, because if you are not physical there will be no sexual tension. You will find yourself having a boring and dull conversation if you are not effectively escalating physically with the girl. The DVD course is filled with exercises that you can do everyday to enhance your dating skills. Although the course is long, you get a good roadmap on mastering body language and physical escalation.

Another great feature of this dating product is that it is suitable for everyone. Whether you are short or tall, this dating product is filled with valuable advice for you to take and use to improve your body language.

This DVD course blew my mind. I had never thought that having ideal body language has so many components and aspects to it. Same with touching; I did not know that such a simple subject can be broken down into so many pieces. Body language and physical escalation really is something that needs to be studied, because mastering it is not something that will happen overnight.

Beyond words covers a topic that is often overshadowed in the dating community. People fail to realize how important body language is, as well as having the ability to physically escalate with a woman. This course really helps you present strong sub-communications when you are interacting with women.

What dating skill level is Beyond Words most suited for?

Beyond Words is suitable, and I believe necessary for ALL skill levels of dating. Mastering strong body language can take a long time to accomplish, and you must always practice until you’re sub-communications are strong and congruent with the things you are trying to say. This will take a bit longer for beginners to master, but it will be well worth it. Even if you don’t know what to say to a woman, if you are walking with confident body language and setting a strong frame, you are going to see some success. Even for advanced guys, this course is really going to introduce to you some valuable advice to really help you go more sexual with women and improve your dating life.

 The Impact Beyond Words has made on my dating life:

This dating product was truly a game changer for me. The portion on physical escalation is what really made the impact on my dating life and my interactions with women. For me, whenever I tried to go sexual, my escalation was not calibrated with what I was saying. At times, I would naturally escalate well because it just flowed. But many other times, whenever I attempted to go sexual I would creep the girl and have her lose interest when I attempted to physically escalate with her.

After studying the DVD course, things started to click for me. Just to get into a little bit of the detail that the product goes into. DVD 3, which is on physical escalation is separated into four parts: Social touching, friendly touching, romantic touching, and sexual touching. Before this I had no idea there were so many ways to escalate, but it all made clear sense. Once I started learning the right way to escalate physically with a women, I was seeing a lot more sexualization in my interactions which lead to major success.

My tonality was really sharp after this DVD course. Like I mentioned before, many guys including myself make such subtle mistakes with our tonality that we are not noticing it. These mistakes are also losing us women without even realizing it! Vercetti gets into great detail on tone, and gives so many useful exercises you can do to practice. Once I got my tone down, I was seeing great success… focusing on what to say was also becoming irrelevant because I was setting such a strong presence with women.

How to use Beyond Words to improve your dating life

You are really going to need to do some major studying and homework with this product. It will pay off and improve one of the most important elements of communicating with women. Study each course and DO the practices that are provided. This course will take practice, but everything you need to master body language is there for you. If you put in the effort to master the home study course, you are going to become one step closer to becoming a master communicator with women.

What I disliked about the Beyond Words DVD set

To be honest, I didn’t find any negatives with this dating product. If you are willing to put in time and effort, do the practices, then you will be taking advantage of a product that will change your dating life.

Concluding Beyond Words DVD Set

Bottom line, get this product. There aren’t many dating products that cover the area of body language and physical escalation, and there sure isn’t one that goes this in-depth. You get to see real examples in the dvds, not just some pictures or diagrams in a book. Also, by watching the dating coaches of Love Systems as they teach in the DVDs, you are going to witness first hand what it looks like to have your body language and tonality in check. You can literally feel the powerful frames they set. If you are committed to dating high-quality women, you will need this product. 5 star review.

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