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One of the best tools of attraction

There are many ways to enhance your attraction. Plenty of the dating products on this site will help you become a more...

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The Evolution of Mystery Method

The Mystery Method: Still Relevant? Mystery Method was one of the foundational products that ignited the pickup artist...

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Some Quick Fixes to improve your game and have a better dating life

Many of the products on the site will be very helpful if you want to improve your dating life. We try to provide you...

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Neil Strauss’ The Game

Neil Strauss’ The Game: Setting the foundation of PUA It was 2005 when Neil Strauss’ The Game was released,...

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Dating Tips: How to get the most out of Magic Bullets

The Ultimate Dating Guide: Magic Bullets Here at Dating Products Review, we try to present to you some of the best...

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Dating Tips: Advice for Daytime Dating

How to meet women in the day Some of you guys have little time to socialize at night. Whether you are busy with work,...

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Dating Tips: Things to never say to a woman

What SHOULD I say to a woman? We all have asked this question to ourselves at one point or another in our lives. Some...

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Dating Tips: How to meet more women at night

Meet more women in nightclubs and bars! Here are some dating tips and advice that will help you meet more women in...

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Dating Tips: How to text a girl

How do I get her to start dating me? Did you just have a great conversation with a woman? Did you both hit it off well,...

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Dating Tips: How to get a woman to like you

There are many things you can do to get a woman to like you. I am going to give you the actions that EVERYONE can take...

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Dating Tips: How to approach women

There are many ways you can approach women. When going out to a nightclub or bar, you will see many different...

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Pickup lines in your dating life. To use or not to use?

Should you use pickup lines in dating? First off, lets try to define a pickup line. There is not a magic line that will...

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