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Dating Tips: How to talk to girls

A few thoughts on how to talk to girls This is a quick and easy guide on how to talk to girls and improve your dating...

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Why Love Systems Magic Bullets is a must read

Magic Bullets Read it or Weep Attraction happens when a woman meets a man that gets how attraction works on a...

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Dating Tips: Kick your approach anxiety

Everyone has approach anxiety. The best PUAs in the world have approach anxiety. But how do you think the world’s...

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Guest Review on Magic bullets

Years ago, I found myself in a dating slump. I was coming out of college which I didn’t have much success with women....

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The Online Dating Dilemma

Many people are skeptical of putting themselves in the online dating scene. I was at first, but after checking out some...

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My list of the best dating products and why

There are many dating products out on the market. Many of them provide great advice, and others are just useless. This...

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