The Ultimate Dating Guide: Magic Bullets

Here at Dating Products Review, we try to present to you some of the best dating products out there. We have Magic Bullets as our number 1 product, and Venusian Arts’ Revelation as a close second. Meaning that these 2 products are ones you cannot go wrong with. If there was one product you had to choose that would instantly upgrade your dating life and eventually turn you into a PUA, it would be Magic Bullets. Having read Magic Bullets nearly 100 times, I will give you some simple tips on how to make the most out of the book to enhance your dating life. (We will also have posts on how to get the most out of other premier products, such as Revelation, The Blueprint Decoded, Foundations, and more)

What is the best way to use the book to improve my dating life?

The best way to get the most out of Magic Bullets is to read the whole thing right away, as fast as you can. After reading it, it is time to go out and apply everything. Once you actually practice the dating advice you learn in Magic Bullets, you will be amazed at how powerful the content is. One thing you can also do, which is what I did, was just read the beginning chapter that gave me tips on going out that night. The chapter gives a quick set of actions to apply if you are going out that night and don’t have time to read the book. I actually recommend reading that chapter only, and then going out and applying the methods.

Be aware of how your night went. Did you have any questions? Success? Blowouts? Okay, now read the whole book. So many of your questions will be answered. It is crucial to take the best notes you can. After reading it once, I would go back and re-read the chapter on opening. This is where you should read it extremely carefully, and take the best notes you can on just the chapter. So you mastered the chapter on opening, now go out and practice what you learned from that chapter until you truly master it. Are you now opening girls with ease and getting good reactions? Great, now on to the next chapter on transitioning.

Study the Dating Advice until you master it

Do you get the gist? Now you are on the transitioning chapter. Do the same thing above, take the best notes you can and master the material. Then go out and practice it. Opening and Transitioning until you become a master. This is the best way to improve your dating skills. Master each chapter until you can become a PUA and apply every step in the dating guide.

Magic Bullets: A personal Dating Coach

The great thing about Magic Bullets is that it kind of serves to you as a personal dating coach.You can find many answers to questions that may come up just by going back to the book. You will always run into some problems on your journey to becoming a PUA. For example, on my journey I was having trouble making a girl laugh. So, I went back into the chapter on attraction and figured out what I was doing wrong. One night I lost a girl after transitioning. Went back to the chapter and figured out what went wrong. This is why I ended up reading Magic Bullets almost 100 times, but is also why I have seen amazing strides in my dating life.