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Biography post by the legendary David Wygant!

Biography post by the legendary David Wygant!

How many of you think that meeting a woman is all about coming up with something clever to say?

How many times have you seen yourself in front of a woman you were attracted to and you froze?

The words, the thoughts inside of your brain seemed to collide.

And there was an empty void.

Nothing came out of your mouth.

And when you finally did mumble something, deep in your heart you knew it was retarded.

I used to be just like you. I used to spend my days thinking that I always had to come up with something funny to say—like I always needed to say “the right thing”.

But then I learned about the power of observation.

I originally cultivated that power over the span of one year in Manhattan; I would walk the streets and right down things about the environment that I could use in conversation.

I would watch people interact. I’d write down something I could have said.

I’d eavesdrop on conversations. Then I’d write down how I could have interjected.

I’d stand next to a woman on the street. I’d notice something she was wearing and I thought about how I could have made a connection based on the information.

I spent a year of my life doing this.

And then I started applying it. And all of a sudden, I was saying things that I naturally saw anyway that were happening in the present moment.

And women were responding to me.

Not just average woman, either. We’re talking about hot, gorgeous New York City women. We’re talking about supermodels.

My life changed.

With my new power, I felt like I could get any woman in New York City. And I didn’t care if I didn’t get one.

Because I was getting so many other amazing women, it didn’t matter if one, two, or three slipped by me.

It’s all about understanding your natural surroundings. And once you do that, you’ll have the power quickly—it won’t take you a year, I’ll tell you that!

It might only take you a week.

That’s right, you can change your life in seven days because I put all of that information into all of my products.

From the Fearless Code to the Men’s Mastery Series to Undercover Approaches.

In the Fearless Code, you’ll learn all of these exercises. You’ll be able to do them so quickly and so easily you’ll never ever think about saying a pick-up line again.

Undercover Approaches is me with a hidden microphone going out into the field. You get to listen to me open a woman naturally, close her, and take her out right away afterwards.

You’ll hear the things that I say and I’ll break it down for you so you understand exactly how I did this and how you can easily do this for yourself with any woman that you meet—today.

Then, I take you through my Men’s Mastery Series—it’s the most effective confidence building course you’ll ever take.

It’s all about how to understand what women think.

But more importantly it works on the inner workings of your mind.

It literally gets rid of every demon you’ve ever had so you’re able to go out and live an authentic, real, powerful life.

A lot of guys that have bought my Men’s Mastery Series have seen their income triple. Not only are they getting laid, but their income is tripled because their confidence is being expressed in all situations, from the bedroom to the boardroom.

It’s about communicating who you are—authentically—everywhere and with every one.
We would like to thank David Wygant for taking the time to write down this amazing biography.

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