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Dating Tips: Advice for Daytime Dating

How to meet women in the day

Some of you guys have little time to socialize at night. Whether you are busy with work, or just don’t like the night time atmosphere filled with nightclubs and bars, meeting women at night may not be for you. That is why daytime dating has become extremely popular in the PUA community. If you are a daytime dating master, or an aspiring Daytime PUA, here are some common mistakes you may be making when talking to women in the daytime.

Daytime Dating Mistake #1: Hesitation

Hesitating too much. If you take long to approach her, you can see yourself fall into a lot of trouble. Some of the best dating advice I ever received was to never hesitate. You must follow the “3 second” rule, and this is true, even in day game. If you wait too long while passing the woman, she will end up being very far away. If it is in a situation where she notices you, she may even be turned off by your hesitation to approach her.

Daytime Dating Mistake # 2: Touching her the wrong way

Touching the woman in an aggressive/creepy way. If you are going to stop the girl, please do not grab her very hard or be aggressive. She can think you are trying to rob her, and things can get ugly. Give her a light tap on the shoulder, but more importantly have strong voice and tonality. Having strong voice and tonality will also help you practice for nighttime situations, only enhancing your overall dating skills. Be loud enough, and talk slow. Express your confidence.

Daytime Dating Mistake 3: Incorrect Eye Contact

Guys, you have to directly look at the girl. It shows you have balls, but also think of it this way…. wouldn’t you be creeped out if someone came and talked to you and could not look you in the eyes? During your opener, try to keep eye contact to no less than 90 percent of the time. After that, try to maintain it around 70 percent of the time and then 30-40 while she is talking. This will help you come off as genuine.

Daytime Dating Mistake 4: Asking too many questions

Don’t make this an interview. This can get very awkward if you continuously pound her with questions. You must mix in some statements in there for various reasons. If you mix some statements in, it can lead for her to elaborate on it and ask you a question. Also, it boosts your value because you are talking about yourself.

Daytime Dating Mistake 5: Talking too fast

This is crucial. If you talk too fast you will come off as nervous and needy. Plus, speaking too fast will make it hard for a woman to understand what you are saying. If you talk slow, you set a great frame. She won’t be weirded out to have a conversation with you, and it shows you know how to have a conversation with a woman. Speaking slowly will also enhance your overall dating skills.

Become a master in Daytime Dating!

If you are into dating women in the daytime, use these tips to practice! Once you eliminate these mistakes, you will start getting much better reactions from women. Love Systems’ Jeremy Soul, who is a pioneer in daytime dating, wrote probably the best book based on the topic of day game: Check it out, Daytime Dating: Never Sleep Alone.


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