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Double Your Dating

Double Your Dating

Overview of Double Your Dating eBook by David DeAngelo

Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo may be one of the first dating products you came around when you were just starting on your journey. David DeAngelo is an original pioneer in the dating world, and this book is still a classic today.

David DeAngelo revolutionized his “Cocky Funny” techniques which made a big impact in dating science. This method can still be powerful until this day, but you must be cautious nowadays when using DeAngelo’s methods. Dating science has evolved greatly and so many techniques that were first taught back in the day can actually hurt your game if used now. The great feature about David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating is that he is extremely simple and basic. This will be an easy read and very simple to implement into your dating arsenal. Another beneficial trait that David DeAngelo possesses is his focus on stuff like confidence and mentality. The great thing about an emphasis on inner game is that these theories won’t become outdated, unlike routines and lines which can do you much harm now.

Although Double Your Dating can be outdated, it still does hold very valuable information. David DeAngelo is a legend in the dating market and some of his theories till this day still are relevant and can make an impact on your dating life.

If you are a novice in the dating world, Double Your Dating can help you in many ways. I would recommend not using Double Your Dating as your main source for developing your dating life. Like stated before, Double Your Dating will give you beneficial dating tips, but also provides outdated methods. Be sure to read Double Your Dating in conjunction with more recent products to make sure you have an even balance in your dating arsenal.

A great benefit of Double Your Dating is that it serves as a great source for inner game. I noticed myself back when I was a novice that Double Your Dating had more of a natural approach with meeting women, rather than getting too scientific and theory-based as the Mystery Method/Venusian Arts products.

Although this may be one of the more seasoned dating products on the market, there is a reason David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating ebook is still relevant. The simple approach is very easy for beginners to understand, and the methods in Double Your Dating will still make an impact. As stated before, a big benefit is the inner game aspect of the book, and that alone will help you make great strides in your dating life.

Are you curious about checking out Double Your Dating?

I like Double Your Dating as a great starting point for beginners for several reasons. One reason being is it’s pure simplicity. Double Your Dating makes all the theories very easy to understand. Past products by Mystery Method/ Venusian Arts had a bundle of theory and scientific writings. It almost seemed as if seducing women was a long math equation that you had to figure out. Double Your Dating is different and it is more of a “straight to the point” ebook, which will help a lot of beginners.

I do like the cocky/funny topic that David DeAngelo emphasizes in Double Your Dating. This method can be pretty powerful, however I think with how much dating science has evolved, there are a lot of changes that need to be made to this area of the book. Nowadays, I think to get a better tool for being cocky and funny is to check out some of Love Systems audios such as teasing, push-pull, and humor. The attraction area in dating science has evolved tremendously, and unfortunately it will be hard to implement cocky funny from Double Your Dating. However, if you are a seasoned vet in the dating market and have an abundance of knowledge with attraction, it wouldn’t hurt to add Double Your Dating’s teachings into your arsenal.

I really like Double Your Dating because unlike past products, it takes a very practical and simple approach. As a matter of fact, David DeAngelo reminds me of another David, Wygant, because they are both straight-forward teachers. Confidence is a huge root in their teachings and it makes Double Your Dating and easy read.

If you are a normal dude who has an interest in dating, but feel awkward and weird about the whole topic, you NEED Double Your Dating. David DeAngelo is a normal dude who is trying to teach guys how to get better with women in normal and fun way. Double Your Dating is a breath of fresh air because it is just normal, and not weird like many past products.

 Conclusion on Double Your Dating

Whether you are a beginner or not, I actually would recommend Double Your Dating to everyone. I think all the concepts in the book are extremely valuable if you use them right. Please note that if you implement all the teachings from the book, make sure you are well versed in other techniques of dating and are well aware of the recent publishings and theories in the current dating market. The tools in Double Your Dating are valuable, only if used right.

As for beginners, this book is going to help you make strides. It is simple and makes dating seem very normal and actually fun. If you are a novice, I would read Double Your Dating first, but then immediately read more recent books after. Once you do this, you will realize the pros and cons of Double Your Dating and be able to screen out which methods to use. This will prove to be very powerful and help you make huge strides in your dating life.

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