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The Fearless Code

The Fearless Code

Review of The Fearless Code by David Wygant

David Wygant has been one of the most seasoned dating coaches out on the market. I have always been a big fan of his dating products for various reasons. One being is that David Wygant is extremely simple and has a no-nonsense approach to dating women. His advice is very basic and simple and easy for any dating skill level to implement in their lives. More importantly, David Wygant has always shied away from pickup artist routines or lines. He has a very natural approach to meeting women.

The Fearless Code is all about attacking and conquering your fears when you interact with women. We all have times where our inner voice is telling us what NOT to do in certain situations. We always go for what we feel is safe and comfortable, even though it is not the right thing we do. How many times has your inner voice stopped you from approaching a girl…. What if she has a boy friend? What if she is tired and doesn’t want to talk to anyone? What if she gets mad at me and blows me out? What if she is in a rush? These are just a few of the millions of questions and assumptions that guys make which stop them from approaching a girl. The Fearless Code is going to help you eliminate these worthless thoughts and help you lose approach anxiety.

What dating skill level is the Fearless Code best suited for?

I would highly recommend the Fearless Code to beginners. David Wygant’s dating advice is very easy to follow and understand. His dating products are not filled with complicated pickup artist theories or in-depth guidelines which can be hard to follow. He offers great dating advice, that is simple, but valuable. Also, it is assumed that if you have weak inner game, you are a beginner to dating. So this is why this dating product will really help out beginners. The Fearless Code is crucial to make your inner game strong. On my quest to improve my dating life, I got better the more I approached women. But if you are too scared to approach women, which we all were at some point, how will you ever get the practice to get better? You need to lose the approach anxiety and become fearless, and David Wygant lays out some great dating advice to help you progress.

How did The Fearless Code impact my dating life?

This dating review was a tough one to write, because there are so many great inner game products out there so I almost didn’t bother. But after examining the product and using some of David Wygant’s dating practices, I realized the value in the dating product. The Fearless Code really helped sharpen my inner game, even though it was decent at the time I was using this product. My observation and listening skills in dating started becoming really sharp, and I was able to say the right things at the right time. I also saw more consistency in my dating success, because I was able to represent my REAL identity. A lot of dating products out there are filled with pickup lines and routines which can be a danger. Sure it is a good way to get out in field and get practice, but in the long run, pickup lines and routines are going to represent a false identity to the women in your dating life. The Fearless Code helped me really make my identity strong and represent the real me to the women in my dating life. This lead to much more consistency.

How to use The Fearless Code to improve your dating life

The Fearless Code is filled with advice that is easy to implement in your dating life, but it will take major repetition. Like I stated earlier, the only way to improve your dating life is to practice with major repetition. A lot of new guys out there read so much about dating theories and pickup lines, but never go out and practice. They focus on their outer game, rather than emphasizing their inner game and losing their fear of approaching women. This product will help you approach women and lose anxiety in your dating life. If you practice the methods that David Wygant lays out in the Fearless Code, your dating life will be improved drastically in no time.

What I disliked about The Fearless Code

The Fearless Code seemed to have a lot of repetitiveness in it. David Wygant is very basic and valuable, but he tends to repeat many of the topics he covers. As you go through the dating product, you will feel like you are hearing some topics recycled over and over again. It is valuable dating advice, Wygant just repeats it quite often.

Concluding the Fearless Code

I am a huge fan of David Wygant and all his dating products. He is a very respected dating coach and his been in the game for many years. All though he has some themes and topics he repeats in his products, he is giving top-notch dating advice that will provide value to everyone. You can read all you want on dating theory and memorize certain lines to say, but you will get no where with your progress unless you sharpen your inner game. Also, pickup lines and routines aren’t gonna work in the long run because girls will eventually figure out your real identity. David Wygant teaches you how to set natural frames and present yourself to girls for the REAL you.

The Fearless Code is going to help you make practice much easier because you are going to feel comfortable with the things you say and how you present yourself. The Fearless Code is going to help you develop a strong inner game that is going to eliminate the anxiety you get before you approach a girl, and enhance your dating life.


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