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Foundations by Real Social Dynamics

Foundations by Real Social Dynamics

Review on Real Social Dynamics’ Foundations:


Foundations by Real Social Dynamics is a great product especially for beginners. This is one of the best products in the Real Social Dynamics arsenal. If you are new to Dating Products Review or if you consider yourself beginner to intermediate, Foundations by Real Social Dynamics is the product for you. If I was trying to help a new guy get up to speed with his dating life I would have him read Magic Bullets by Love Systems and watch this DVD set by Real Social Dynamics.

Foundations covers literally everything you need to know to get your dating life started. Tyler Durden, co founder of Real Social Dynamics, goes above and beyond to make this one of the best dating products on the market for new to intermediate guys. Foundations covers the basic inner game concepts that will get you going, tons of openers so you can start conversations easily with women, and tons of fun one liners and things to say to keep the conversation moving.  The hardest part about dating can be what to say next. That is what Foundations by Real Social Dynamics is all about.

Foundations by Real Social Dynamics is by far the best training wheels dating product for a new guy to get good fast. I’ve reviewed countless products that promise to sharpen your dating skills and some of them make me shake my head and I feel sorry for new guys who find these other dating products first. If you start with the wrong product you will likely get excited for a few days but then you will instantly start to feel more confused and frustrated as you realize how hard it will be to put anything from most dating products into practice. Most dating products on the market are full of theory that sounds good on paper, but has very little application in the real dating world.

If I had a son or a little brother, I would point him to Real Social Dynamics to kick start his dating life. Real Social Dynamics has been in the dating industry for over 10 years and really do a good job with their quality control. Because they’ve been teaching live dating bootcamps for so many years, they can’t help but put out solid products that get results for their customers fast.

I found Foundations by Real Social Dynamics when I was at an intermediate level and still found it full of great dating tips to add to my arsenal. I have watched the Foundations DVD’s well over 10 times each and get something new each time.

When I was starting out I found the first 5 minutes of the dating process the hardest. “What do I say when I see a pretty girl I want to talk to? And, what do I do if she responds, how do I keep the conversation going?” That’s all I could think about. I read every dating product on the market and very few gave me good dating advice on what to actually say and how to say it. Foundations is IN DEPTH to say the least on exactly that. Tyler Durden goes above and beyond to pack Foundations full of dating tips that teach you exactly what to say and you get to watch him deliver it so you see exactly how to say it.

While Foundations is geared toward the beginner to intermediate guys, I don’t care what dating skill level you are at, this product and Real Social Dynamics will help your overall dating life improve drastically.

The product gives you good guidelines on how to enhance your dating life and provides you with the foundation you need to learn properly. Dating coach Tyler Durden will hold your hand through the entire process and by the end of Foundations, you will no longer feel lost in the dating sea.  It is a very complete dating guide, which is essential for everyone, especially beginner PUA’s. The product provides a great amount of detailed dating techniques and advice, but is simple at the same time.

Foundations will help dating a woman seem natural

Like other Real Social Dynamics products, Foundations emphasizes being natural with women. Real Social Dynamics teaches ways to come off as a natural and genuine person, which will work wonders for your game and help you attract quality girls into your dating life.

Foundations gives many dating practices and methods to use in order to help develop your game. This product does require practice, as do all dating-related products. However, this one will be sure to change you for the better. What you say is not always important, it is how you say it. And if you say things naturally and come off as a genuine person, your game will grow. Foundations teaches you how to become a person that is naturally attractive to women. This doesn’t always come from things that you say, but it comes from the person you are and how you present yourself. You don’t need to have PUA Routines to become a pickup artist.

Foundations explains why women think the way they do

Real Social Dynamics also gives good explanations of women’s psychology. This part helped me a lot because in the past, I didn’t really know why I was saying a certain thing or why some girls reacted to different things. After learning more about women’s psychology, I understood women much better. This helped me become more natural because with more practice, I was able to understand why certain women reacted to specific things. This is crucial for your game because if you know WHY something works, you will be congruent. Unlike certain PUA routines or lines, you don’t really know why they may spark interest from a women, so your delivery can be shaky in those scenarios


What I disliked about Real Social Dynamics’ Foundations:

It focusses so much on opening and keeping the conversation moving, advanced guys may want to spend their money on The Blueprint Decoded or Natural Tim two of Real Social Dynamics very best dating products and aimed at more advanced guys. Not really much of a dislike, just something to be aware of if you are shopping.

If you want to be the natural cool guy with women, Foundations will help

Foundations will help develop you into a social and cool guy who is a natural when it comes to dating. Like the product is named, it will lay down the foundations to become better. I like this product because it helps you become naturally attractive. Sometimes using PUA lines and routines can be difficult because they are not coming from your heart, and it will make you come off as just weird. Real Social Dynamics helps you develop yourself as genuine and natural. It will make you socially smarter which will boost your attraction to women instantly.

I loved writing this review because this is honestly one of my favorite dating products on the market. I still pull it down off the shelf and watch it every now and again just to get a nice refresher and knock the cobwebs off my dating skills. I love how there is almost zero filler crap in Foundations. Tyler Durden does a great job of really attacking what matters in this product and putting it in a way that is easy for even the newest guy to understand. If you are intermediate, Foundations will likely fill holes in your game that will take your dating skills to the next level.

We can’t recommend this dating product enough.  Foundations will change your dating life.  Five Star Review.


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