Review of David Wygant’s Guys Guide to Texting

The bulk of David Wygant’s Guys Guide to Texting comes from audios, which contain almost all the dating advice you will learn from this product. There is great dating advice in this product, however it does lack certain detail. But for that reason, it serves as a great dating guide for beginners.

I’ve been a huge fan of David Wygant for a long time and believe he is one of the better dating coaches around. He has always been anti-pickup artist and his dating skills have always been natural and organic.

This dating product is filled with basic tips and advice. David Wygant gives a lot of texting examples and emphasizes important things to do, as well as neglecting the stereotypical texting that most guys have probably been using for a very long time.

David Wygant lays out many dating principles that you should apply to your texting, making it very easy to apply. He made his points very clear and concise, and you can really get the sense that these principles would impact your dating life. He also talks about what you should use voicemail and texting for, and gives good dating guidelines to follow within these topics.

One important aspect of this dating product is that it has a section dedicated to texting while in a relationship. It was this area of the book that I really thought made this dating product worthy. Texting and phone game can play a vital part in developing and keeping a relationship strong, and David Wygant gives great advice on how to use the phone to spark and keep your relationship fun and strong.


What dating skill level is Guys Guide to Texting most suited for?

The great thing about David Wygant’s dating products is that they are friendly for all the dating skill levels. David Wygant has always been a no-sense dating coach, and has a very natural approach to meeting and dating women. This means his stuff is basic, easy to implement, and clear. He backs off from the pickup artist lingo and theories, which makes his dating advice applicable for all.


How Guys Guide to Texting Impacted my dating life

David Wygant’s Guys Guide to Texting is filled with great dating advice for the phone. It is easy to implement and will help any dating skill level. To be honest, The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game by Love Systems dating coaches Braddock and Mr. M is filled with more detailed and valuable advice, which composes most of my own text game strategy. However, David Wygant’s Guys Guide to Texting has an area covering phone game during a relationship, which was very helpful to me because it was new knowledge. Adding this dimension to my phone and text game really helped my dating life, and kept some of my relationships much stronger. I used David Wygant’s phone advice for my relationships and saw a lot more consistency with my dating life.


How to use Guys Guide to Texting to improve your dating life

The principles in David Wygant’s Guys Guide to Texting will be very easy to implement and make an impact in your dating life because the advice is very practical and basic, but powerful at the same time. This product is going to help beginner dating skill levels because of its simplicity. Obviously, you do need to get phone numbers to make this product work, but once you have girls to text, you can use David Wygant’s advice to improve your dating life. For guys in relationships, this dating product is more worthy. David Wygant gives great texting advice for guys in relationships, and it can really help impact the strength of your relationship with a woman. For other guys, you will get better dating advice from The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game by dating coaches Mr. M and Braddock. Their dating guide is filled with much more information and examples of texts, which have proven to work more often on most women.


What I disliked about Guys Guide to Texting

Although David Wygant gives great dating advice, it is just a bit too basic at times and repetitive. Wygant emphasizes many of his principles a number of times, also, his explosive texts were very weak. Wygant gives some texts that are supposed to help spark a good response from women, however I believe these text examples are pretty underwhelming. Also, Braddock and Mr. M have a similar chapter dedicated to what they call “pinging” which is filled with explosive texts as well. The text examples from our review on The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game are much better, as I have used all examples from both dating products. You get much better advice from Braddock and Mr. M.


Concluding The Guys Guide to Texting

David Wygant has been one of the most respected dating coaches due to his style. He has been around for a long time and has developed a natural approach to meeting women, which is very powerful. The advice and tips he provides in this dating product is good, but you can get much more value from The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game by dating coaches Braddock and Mr. M.

Wygant’s texting advice will help beginners sharpen their phone and text game. If you want a simple guideline on how to text girls, then David Wygant’s Guys Guide to Texting is the right dating product. He gives basic and simple dating advice, and it doesn’t get too comprehensive.

The moneymaker in this product is David Wygant’s texting advice and principles to use when in a relationship. This is some valuable dating advice that can’t be found in other dating products. This part of the product will really make an impact on your relationships if you apply the dating principles.

David Wygant’s Guys Guide to Texting is a good product, but nothing spectacular. It will be easy for beginners to use but it does lack comprehensive information. As stated before, Braddock and Mr. M’s Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game is the premiere dating product for phone game.


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