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Love Systems Audio: Hired Gun Game- Bartenders

Love Systems Audio: Hired Gun Game- Bartenders

I have nearly listened to every single audio series done by Love Systems (reviews will be on the way), and almost every single one has provided amazing content. I really do believe that these Love Systems audios are the best bang for your buck. They are well-priced and provide some of the rarest content you will find in the dating market. Love Systems tackles many issues such as gaming while sober, dance floor game, dating multiple people… these are just to name a few.

Now on to the review. Love Systems Audio on Hired Gun Game/Bartenders is extremely valuable and I recommend it to everyone for several reasons. It is done by dating coaches Fader, Braddock, and Vici who did a tremendous job tackling the subject.  If you truly want to expand your game to a whole different level, you really do need to learn how to flirt with bartenders. As mentioned in the audio, many times the hottest women in a venue are the bartenders/waitresses/bottle service girls. Why not take advantage of this? You can enhance your dating life so much by filling it with hired guns, who are some of the prettiest girls you will encounter.

So the dating coaches get into what exactly a hired gun is. They explain how hired guns are girls who are hired to be nice to you. There job is to serve you and be kind because their money/tip is dependent on it. Although you may notice how many bartenders/bottle service girls/waitresses are always nice to you, you need to stop thinking it is only because they are hired to do so, and start learning how to take advantage of the situation. This audio will help you do so.

I really like how the Love Systems dating coaches tackled the discussion regarding the differences between strippers and hired guns. I think this is pretty crucial because some guys may mistake both of them as having the same motive, when they are actually totally different. It’s cool how the  Love Systems coaches get into some patterns for you to look into when gaming hired guns. I was surprised at how many factors influence the way hired guns act. It was awesome how the Love Systems coaches get into perfect detail on how to break down and game hired guns/bartenders.

Great Attention To Detail

I honestly did not expect Love Systems to tackle a topic such as hired so in-depth, but they thrived. Just to give some examples of what the Love Systems guys get into. What is the difference between Strippers and Bartenders? Waitresses, bartenders, and bottle service girls? How do you know when they are genuine or just being fake to get a tip? What are their true indicators of interest? How do I approach them? What is the difference between hired gun game and regular game? These are just a few of the topics and aspects of hired gun game that the Love Systems guys get into. Truly some valuable advice in this dating product, as are all the Love Systems audios.

Many of you can probably already relate!

We’ve all encountered hot bartenders, waitresses, and bottle service girls. And I am sure we have all thought of ways to flirt with them, and have attempted and failed. We have all also witnessed many guys doing the same. So really, if you want to succeed with these girls you need to separate yourself. This Love Systems audio teaches you EXACTLY how to become different from all the guys who attempt flirting.

Is this Love Systems audio right for you?

The answer should be yes for most guys. Bartenders/waitresses/bottle service girls are all hired for their looks. There is a reason why most of the time they are the hottest girls in the venue. When you examine the audio, you will also learn the many benefits of hired gun game. The Love Systems guys get into more detail on the psychology, but in general these are all just normal girls who are working for money. They are paid to be nice and look good, but they are normal girls outside of the job. This audio will help you get through their “money earning” act and properly flirt with them to make a real connection.

Final Thoughts on Love Systems Audio on Hired Guns/Bartenders

Definitely a must-have for everyone and all dating skill levels. Haven’t we all had many nights where the venue sucked and was dead, yet the hot waitresses and bartenders were still around? Time to take advantage of that! Other than some weird pauses in between the questions during the audio, I have no negative feedback on the Love Systems product. The audio is cheap and tackles a specific topic. Amazing bang for your buck!


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