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Dating Tips: How to approach women

There are many ways you can approach women.

When going out to a nightclub or bar, you will see many different opportunities to go and approach women. One thing you must do is train yourself to approach without thinking to much and rationalizing.

Your brain would much rather you stand on the wall and not risk rejection or the unknown, instead of walking over there and saying hi. Because our brain is built this way, you have to fight that urge to come up with an excuse. If you want to get your dating life handled, you must choose to act, just like you would if you were going to the gym and your brain said “no….because.”

Learning to approach women is like training at the gym

If you have been going to the gym for a long time, then you know that little voice is not to be listened to. You have to go to the gym despite that voice. If you do this enough times, that voice gets quieter and weaker.

The Key Factor to Master Approaching Women

What’s important here is to actually go approach! Many guys claim they don’t know how to approach a woman, but the truth is they simply don’t even try! Our dating products review site is packed with reviews of products that offer so many great tips for approaching and dating women.


So if you are going to give it a try, here are some ways you can approach her.


Direct. People think that you have to memorize some sort of pickup line or routine to go talk to a woman. That is false. You can direct when approaching women. Here are some simple direct methods on how to approach a woman.


“Hey, you’re cute. We should talk.”

“I saw you over there and wanted to come meet you.”

“You seem cool, let’s talk.”


This is simple and can get you many good reactions if you deliver it correct. Here are some more ways on how to approach women.


Opinion openers- you can ask a girl for her opinion on something. For example, “Is it okay to break up with someone over text message?” or “My friend has been dating a girl for only 3 months and wants to marry her… is that too fast?” This is just one of the options you can use when approaching women.


Another simple way to approach women is to simply tell them “hi” or “hello.” You would be surprised at how effective these openers can be. What’s most important is that you deliver these with good body language and tonality. Also, always have fun when you are out. If a woman sees you having fun and mingling with friends and other people, she will see you as a cool guy. The best way on how to approach women is to have fun and come off as a cool guy. At that point, it really wont matter what you say.


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