Dating Tips: How to get a woman to like you

There are many things you can do to get a woman to like you. I am going to give you the actions that EVERYONE can take in order to become more attractive to girls, thus enhance their dating lives and fill it with beautiful women.

  • Don’t get emotional over your failures with women. If a girl rejects you, so be it. It happens to all the best dating coaches in the world. Ask any of them and they will tell you they get blown out numerous times in a night. What’s most important is your effort. If you take it the wrong way, you will come off as a needy guy. It shouldn’t matter to you. Be the guy that has options. Remember, a lot of times the girl is not rejecting you for who you are. There are so many factors. A hot woman gets hit on 1000s of times, she can simply just be tired of it and more likely to blow you out, regardless of who you are. If you take rejection the wrong way, you will show weakness to a woman. An average woman may blow you out cold, but minutes later a gorgous girl will be all over you.
  • Have fun in social situations. Sometimes you shouldn’t initially focus on talking to women. Make it a priority to have fun. If you are having fun with your friends, girls will notice and may like you already without meeting you. Be loud, energetic, and social. This will only give you free points and increase her chances of liking you before you even approach her.
  • Some of the best dating advice I have ever gotten was to never focus on a woman when enjoying your night out. Your main priority should be to have fun with your friends, and have a good time. A woman will notice you having fun. What does this show her? It shows her that you are a social, outgoing guy that can potentially make her laugh.
  • Have a good fashion sense. Be well groomed and come off as a man who takes care of his body. Work out when you can; there is no excuse not to have a good physique. This applies to everyone! Make it evident that you are a guy who dresses with class, is educated, and takes care of his body. Once again, this only adds to your chances of her liking you.
  • Be confident. A woman hates a guy that hesitates. If she notices you, and you both lock eyes, go and approach her right away. Don’t go to the bar sipping on your drink until you get liquid courage to approach her. She will sense that and become turned off instantly by your lack of confidence. Approach her right away and come off as the confident man you are.

These are all things that a guy can do to increase his chances with a woman and sharpen his dating skills. If you are lacking success with women, re-read the list above and make sure you are adding these free points to your character. There is no excuse not to possess the traits above. All great dating coaches hold these characteristics.

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