Review on Love Systems’ Audio: Identity

By dating coaches Future, Sinn, and Tenmagnet

Before we get into more detail on the Identity Audio, it should be established that Future, Sinn, and Tenmagnet are not only some of the top dating coaches around, but they are some of the most seasoned as well. So anything you hear from them is going to be some top-notch dating advice. These guys are the real deal.

I’m glad Love Systems decided to cover a topic such as identity. Having the right identity is crucial in having a successful dating life. Guys that don’t portray a true identity find themselves acting a lot and living a lie. This can lead to major issues further down in one’s dating life.

Identity is who you are. You’re identity represents who you are, whether you are an athlete, a lawyer, a rockstar, an adventure junkie… You have to show your true identity when meeting and dating women. You have to choose some aspect of your life that you want to present to women. If you are adventurous but have a boring accounting job, you obviously need to express your identity as the adventurous, fun guy.

The great thing about this dating product is that even if you think you may have a boring life, you get valuable advice on how to develop a strong and attractive identity, that is calibrated to the type of person you really are. Whether you have to change some things in your wardrobe, or change some small habits, you get some solid tools on how to develop a true identity that will be loved by women.

I do like this audio a lot, however it simply does not provide enough information. Sure you get good advice on the topic of identity, but this is an aspect of inner game, and there is a lot more to it. Identity is not a skill you can practice really, it is something you need to develop. If you want to change your identity, you need a more comprehensive inner game product such as The Blueprint Decoded. A 1 hour audio simply is not enough to help you develop a strong identity in your dating life.

What dating skill level is the Identity audio best suited for?

This dating product is definitely recommended for beginners. Usually, new guys in the dating game are lacking strength in their inner game. They are also getting bad dating advice such as the promotion of peacocking. I have experienced a lot of new guys, hell I even did it briefly myself back in the day, wear outrageous clothes to gain attention. This is horrible advice, and unless wearing a pink top hat and black nail polish truly represents who you are, you are going to face a lot of problems when dating and interacting with women. You have to present yourself calibrated with your true identity.

How the Identity Audio impacted my dating life

This audio does offer value. Sinn, Tenmagnet, and Future are some of the premiere dating coaches and have been around so long that they are masters in all aspects of game and dating. However, I just couldn’t really use this audio to make a HUGE impact on my dating life. There is great advice on identity, and I do recommend it for beginners so they can get a better idea on the topic. But, I was already making an inner game transformation with dating products such as The Blueprint Decoded. The Blueprint Decoded is much more comprehensive and gave me the tools to change all aspects of my inner game, identity included. The identity audio did give solid advice and I did apply some of the methods I learned, but it wasn’t essential in my transformation.

How to use the Identity audio to improve your dating life

If you read above, you will realize there are much better dating products out there to help you with your inner game and developing identity. I am not bashing this product at all, it offers good advice… but it won’t make a huge impact on your dating life. It is only 1 hour long, and doesn’t get too comprehensive with the field of identity. It will teach you some valuable dating advice, but don’t use it as a source to enhance your inner game. Identity is a crucial aspect of your game, and you need much more than an audio to develop it. Sinn, Tenmagnet, and Future are masters in identity, and pretty much all aspects of game. They are hall of famers in the dating world and their advice is always valuable. But you just need more tools to develop something as crucial as identity.

What I disliked about the Identity audio

The dating audio really lacked structure. The dating coaches were joking around often as well, so there wasn’t much uniformity with discussing the topic of identity. There also is not enough time to cover such a topic. There is solid advice in this audio, as stated before, but there is no structure so it will be really hard to grasp the material. The lack in structure in conjunction with a shortage of material, makes this dating product difficult to understand and implement in your dating life.

Concluding Love Systems’ audio on Identity

Decent dating product. Not going to help you develop and master identity, but you are getting some prime time advice from some of the best dating coaches around: Future, Sinn, and Tenmagnet. This would be a good product to check out if you are already using another product such as The Blueprint Decoded or The Attraction Code. It lacks structure and content, but it will definitely help you sharpen your identity.

Overall, not enough content to help you property tackle the area of identity. Better dating products out there that will help you develop a strong identity.

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