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Intro to Inner Game

Intro to Inner Game

Review of Intro to Inner Game

The Intro to Inner Game Audio by dating coaches Braddock and Mr. M is filled with all the valuable advice you will need to eventually master your inner game. Braddock and Mr. M get into great detail on why inner game is so important for one’s dating life.

If you aren’t familiar with Love Systems’ dating coaches Braddock and Mr. M, I suggest you become acquainted. These are two of the best dating coaches out there and have developed some of the best dating products and written some of the most valuable articles. The great thing about Braddock and Mr. M is that they go in-depth with everything and always give you a reason why certain things in your dating life will either work or not. They also specialize in inner game and also teach a comprehensive inner game seminar.

Dating coaches Braddock and Mr. M emphasize that 2 people can say the same exact thing to a woman, and based on their inner game one will work and the other won’t. This is important to know because interacting with women is not always about what you say, it is how you say it. Having good inner game means you are genuine and mean what you say. Braddock expresses that having good inner game means you are out to have a fun time, and a woman’s reaction will not help or hurt you in any way. This is crucial because I always used the outcome of a night to measure my progress in game, which would hurt my inner game many times and delay any success in my dating life.

Braddock and Mr. M also explain certain exercises to help develop a strong inner game. They discuss ways to measure your progress when going out, which is CRUCIAL in your development. I can’t give out the exercises away, but I can tell you that they are working wonders for me and are really changing the way I approach my goal of dating more high-quality women.

What dating skill level is Intro to Inner Game best suited for?

All inner game products should be geared towards beginners to dating. We have mentioned this in numerous dating product reviews before, but anyone can have the best outer game in the world but will get NOWHERE  in their dating life without good inner game. Also, inner game is not only about losing approach anxiety to interact with women. Inner game reflects on your whole journey to dating mastery. This means dealing with those nights full of blow outs, months with little progress, and little attention or attraction from women. Inner game is about conquering these hard times and overcoming them, and Braddock and Mr. M thoroughly guide you on how to develop a strong enough inner game to live the ideal dating life.

How Intro to Inner Game impacted my dating life

This audio was crucial for me on my dating journey. Many times I was extremely hard on myself because I was going thru months of 0 progress in my dating life and really thought about giving up on my dating journey. Braddock and Mr. M’s dating audio guides you on how to really measure your results. This totally changed my perception on the progress I was making in my dating life. With Braddock and Mr. M’s tools, I actually realized that I was making progress, it just wasn’t monumental. This was so important for me because even on my off nights, I was able to find an area I made progress in, even if it was minimal. Eventually, this would all build up. This also helped me stay focused because every result I got, good or bad, was a step towards dating mastery.

How to use Intro to Inner Game to improve your dating life

Usually, inner game is a difficult skill to practice and get good at. It is not something you can memorize, it is a characteristic that takes a long time to master. Braddock and Mr. M actually have certain exercises that they explain in the audio which will help build your inner game. They also give certain tasks to complete and how to measure your dating life progress. So if you feel lost with how to develop your inner game, this dating audio gives you a simple and clear roadmap on how to improve.

Also, you must listen to this audio many times and take good notes. There are many practices Braddock and Mr. M give to you, so DO THEM and stay consistent with them! Braddock and Mr. M emphasize how important it is to “show up.” This means putting in the practice. Sure you may have some bad nights at times, but did you show up and give it your all? If so, then you are in your way to success. If you lack consistency and effort, then you will face a major roadblock in your dating life.

What I disliked about Intro to Inner Game

I liked everything about the audio. This is a dating product I listen to many times on a weekly basis.

Concluding Love Systems’ Intro to Inner Game by Braddock and Mr. M

I think this audio is a must have for anybody regardless of their dating skill level. I have listened to it many times already because it reminds me of what to do to keep my inner game in check. For people who get this audio, you MUST listen to it more than once and you MUST follow the practices that are given in the audio.It is the only way to make drastic improvements in your dating life.

Braddock and Mr. M give you so many examples on how to develop a strong inner game and lay out the importance of the topic. This dating audio is filled with so much valuable content; you should have no questions about inner game once you are done with it.

If you just listen to the audio and neglect to apply it to your game then you will not see any results. It is important you take action with this audio and use the practices that are explained, and I promise you will see a major upgrade not only in your dating life, but your overall well-being.

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