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Magic Bullets by Love Systems

Magic Bullets by Love Systems

Review of Magic Bullets by Loves Systems:

Magic Bullets by Love Systems is a book that will change your dating life. This book is very organized and covers topics beyond just attracting a woman, such as phone game, fashion and grooming, seduction, and even winging. Loves Systems has been a teaching dating science for for almost 10 years, and it is evident that the people at Love Systems put a lot of time, trial and error into Magic Bullets. The advice in the book is as good as it gets. From detailed descriptions on how to open, transition, and maintain an interaction with a woman all the way until seducing her. This book serves as the ultimate, step-by-step dating guide to getting the woman you want.

The great thing about the Magic Bullets by Love Systems is how orderly it is. It starts off with explaining why women are the way they are, and what triggers them to become attracted to you. It is a very no-non-sense book with clear dating advice that is easy to understand. Love Systems and Savoy developed an emotional progression model giving you clear steps on how to interact with a woman, seduce her, and eventually have her dating you.

What dating skill level is Love Systems most suited for?

Love Systems can be implemented into all skill levels of dating life. All of the advice in this Magic Bullets will make an impact on everyone, whether they are an aspiring dating coach or a master PUA. For beginners, this is an extremely comprehensive guide that will help you understand and improve your past failures in your dating life. For intermediate and advanced guys, Love Systems will help you sharpen your skill set, increase your dates, and take you to the next level. Overall, this book is what will make you as advanced as a PUA or dating coach.

The impact Love Systems has made on my dating life:

Love systems has made a monumental impact on my dating life. I never thought any company or product can make such a drastic change in my dating life. It was the first book from Love Systems I read and applied as a beginner, and it is a book I still read until this day. I go back and review the book all the time when I have questions or confusion about certain dating topics. After reading it once, it is something you can always go back to, and the order you read it in doesn’t matter. It is CRUCIAL for dating beginners because of how organized and simple the advice is. The people at Love Systems really made this a dating guide that is easy to implement. When I first started, I knew zero about dating and game. I read Magic Bullets and the first area I browsed was the section dedicated to applying the whole Love Systems dating method instantly, without getting deep into the book. I thought “why not, lets read this short chapter and go give it a try.” I had success and only wanted to read more once I realized the product’s power. Although not required, I recommend reading that chapter, applying the methods one night, and then reading the rest of the book after. It makes all the advice make much more sense.

All of my dating questions answered from Magic Bullets

In the beginning stages of my journey, I was scared at all the many components of dating. How do I get more sexual? What do I say when I open her? What do I say near the end of the night? How do I kiss her? How do I get her friends to leave? Should I start dating her? These are just some of the million dating questions that would pop up in my mind. Magic Bullets helped me answer all these questions. The extreme amount of detail Love Systems put into this book makes it a must-read for all.

How to get the best out of Love Systems

Love Systems is key in becoming a dating master. I would read one chapter from Magic Bullets, review it countless times,  and then apply and practice, and so on. For example, I read the chapter on opening, so I went out until I mastered it and was able to make sense of what it was talking about. The next chapter was transitioning. Once I mastered opening, I applied transitioning to it until I got better. I kept going on until I got all the steps down. That is the great thing about the book: it gives you a clear road map to becoming good. I look at Love Systems as a personal dating coach, who guides me with a step-by-step game plan, and answers any questions I may have.

Magic Bullets Dislikes: Perfect, but not quite…

It is obvious that Savoy and Love Systems really put their heart and soul into Magic Bullets. After being a dating coach for so many years, and one of the pioneer PUAs, Savoy created a comprehensive guide that has the ability to make an impact on anyone trying to enhance his dating life. However, there are some topics and areas I wish Magic Bullets would have covered. For example, there is a lack of emphasis on inner game. Thankfully, Love Systems has a great audio on inner game, as well as free articles on the subject on their forum and site, but a chapter dedicated to inner game in Magic Bullets would have made things a bit easier. Magic Bullets covers body language, and gives a pretty detailed description how to move and have your body aligned when you are in social situations. It would have been great help if there was an image or diagram of the ideal posture, as it would have helped given me a better idea.

 Conclusion on Magic Bullets and Love Systems

I can’t emphasize enough how important Magic Bullets and Love Systems has been to me, and how much of an impact it will make on your dating life. I have been reading many products on dating for many years now. Magic Bullets has been one of the books that helped give me clear and detailed guidance on improving my dating life. I still read it until this day, and this review is constructed from the countless times I have read the book and the years I applied it’s methods.

Savoy and Love Systems are pioneers in the PUA community and Savoy used all the knowledge he gained in the past 10 years and was able to create what is known as “The Dating Bible.” Him, along with other dating coaches at Love Systems, have been providing guys with extremely valuable dating tips, advice, and products for the past decade. Love Systems gives legitimate dating advice; all of the advice comes from what has been tested for YEARS. Savoy put his heart into this, and his dedication has resulted into a dating eBook that will change your life. Magic Bullets is a must-have for everyone.

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