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Guest Review on Magic bullets

Years ago, I found myself in a dating slump. I was coming out of college which I didn’t have much success with women. I was a smart, young, good-looking individual and I was not having the dating life I wanted. I never thought I would be researching online for the best dating products, but one night of frustration and I was up for hours researching what dating products there are out there.


I came upon Magic Bullets. I had no clue what it was, who wrote it, or if it was a total scam or the real deal. I read testimonials on it, but those can always just be phony. It lead me to learning about Love Systems and all of their products and instructors. They guarantee success with their products, and the book claimed to be a dating bible. I never thought I would purchase any dating products in my life, but I went ahead and made the order.


I finished the book within a few hours right when I downloaded it. I can tell just by the beginning chapters that this was for real. Everything started to make sense and I was no longer confused on why I wasn’t seeing success in my dating life. Magic Bullets got into great detail on a female’s psychology and why some women act a certain way. I was learning about methods that I would have never even thought closely of had I not been exposed to Magic Bullets.


I was pretty excited after reading it. Now it was time to see if this book was the real deal. I went out to practice. I used some of the methods from the book and I already started seeing some success. No, I wasn’t taking women home just yet, but for the first time I was getting accepted into having interactions with women naturally. Just by this, my game improved 1000%.  Eventually, after reading the book multiple times and applying the practices, I was starting to get success with women. I was having the dating life I always wanted.


I never thought I would get into any sort of dating products. I actually explored more of Love Systems’ dating products after the book, because I was a believer. The stuff works. My advice for beginners- Start with Magic Bullets. It is the ultimate guide to changing you dating life.

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