Meet more women in nightclubs and bars!

Here are some dating tips and advice that will help you meet more women in bars and nightclubs. It is crucial that when you talk to a woman, you are interesting and come off as a normal guy. Magic Bullets teaches you many ways to approach a girl. Each style of approaching a woman comes off as interesting and normal. Just remember, don’t fall back to boring conversation the whole time! For example, the dreaded questions such as “What do you do?” “What are you drinking?” “Where are you from?” Remember, these can work only if you are still being funny and interesting during the interaction! Don’t continuously ask questions like that. Magic Bullets gives some great dating advice on how to transition after openers, and keep good conversation flowing.

Be fun and interesting

Make the conversation fun. If you find yourself ever in a boring scenario, try playing a bar game with her. DO some people watching with her and tease her by telling her you will set her up on a date with the goofy guy with sunglasses in the club. Ask her if it is her ex-boyfriend. There are many ways you can keep a conversation funny and interesting. Magic Bullets lays out the steps through a whole interaction, which will help you, maintain a fun and interesting conversation with a woman.

How do I talk to a group of women?

If you are talking to a group of girls, you better make sure you are acknowledging all of them. If you leave a girl out and show her no attention, she may very well be the reason that your target is going to leave you. So be funny and get the whole group laughing. Then slowly, once you know the whole group likes you, focus on your target. This is a difficult skill set, and Magic Bullets gets into great detail on how you can isolate a girl from her friends and progress the interaction with her.

What steps should I take to become a master in meeting women?

If you want to become a master in approaching women and having strong interactions, Magic Bullets will lay out a solid road map for you. Opening a woman can be easy at times, but its all the things you do after you open her that will help you keep women you want. Just remember, if you are having a boring conversation, do something different! Don’t be that normal guy asking her boring questions. Make her remember you!