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The Evolution of Mystery Method

The Evolution of Mystery Method

The Mystery Method: Still Relevant?

Mystery Method was one of the foundational products that ignited the pickup artist community and movement. After Neil Strauss’ The Game was released, Mystery started seeing major exposure due to his reputation. He was the world’s best pickup artist, and The Mystery Method he developed helped guys all around the world become good with women. The Mystery Method really gets scientific in approaching, meeting, and seducing women. If many of you read Neil Strauss’ The Game, you will remember all the routines and methods of approaching women that was in the book. Well, pickup guru Mystery, gets into major detail in The Mystery Method. The Mystery Method gets so meticulous in descriptions and explanations that there should be no questions when you are done.

I really appreciate everything The Mystery Method has to offer. Like The Game, this is a foundational book that helped ignite the whole movement into meeting and seducing women. It is written by a pua pioneer in Mystery, and you can tell that The Mystery Method was well-written from years of practice in field with women. Mystery spent years decoding women and essentially developed a scientific method on how to seduce women, and it shows in The Mystery Method.

Would The Mystery Method help you now?

Like the game, I believe many of the theories in the book are extremely outdated. Negging is not used anymore. As a matter of fact, if you use negs you are probably going to lose a lot of women in set. The Mystery Method has a lot of detail in the book and it is great because some of the theories still are true. There are some basic takeaways from The Mystery Method that can help you with women. However, I do not recommend The Mystery Method for you if you are using it as your guide to pickup women. Similar to Neil Strauss’ The Game, The Mystery Method is filled with outdated material that is not relevant to modern day dating. Dating science has evolved in so many ways that old school methods such as routines from The Game and practices from The Mystery Method will actually make you worse with women. The reasoning behind this is because the practices are so robotic that anything from The Mystery Method will not seem natural to women and it will come as very incongruent to your identity.

Why still read The Mystery Method?

Like Neil Strauss’ The Game, The Mystery Method will open your eyes to how dating science all started. Although you won’t apply much from The Mystery Method, it will show you how PUA used to be and help make sense of modern day dating. Don’t get me wrong, The Mystery Method is still filled with valuable content that will improve your dating life, but you have to separate it from the outdated material.

Mystery realized that his old methods were outdated, so he created Revelation just recently about a couple years ago. Revelation uses some material from The Mystery Method, but it is adapted to modern day dating! Revelation is actually one of the better dating products on the market because it comes from Venusian Arts; guys that were there for the breakout of the PUA community. They went through all the years and experienced the change first hand, and then adapted to it. The Mystery Method is different from Revelation because it is very old school, but that is not to say don’t read it. I believe The Mystery Method should be read by everyone simply because it will help you put many things into perspective that relate to PUA. Also, any book by Mystery is a must read, as he is a true pioneer in the community.


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