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One of the best tools of attraction

One of the best tools of attraction

There are many ways to enhance your attraction. Plenty of the dating products on this site will help you become a more attractive man. You can practice your humor, teasing, body language, style….. the list goes on and on. There is one secret I want to reveal, that may be what I think is one of the most important methods of gaining massive attraction from girls.

The secret is to have fun. This doesn’t require thinking. You don’t need to read books on how to have fun. Everyone has fun in their own way. So my advice for you is to HAVE FUN when you are going out at night to meet women. Make it your first priority and you will witness women becoming attracted to you. You will also notice how much easier it is to open a woman when you are in such a good state. You won’t even notice it, but the body language and energy you get from having fun will make her so much more attracted to you. It’s amazing how powerful having fun can be.

Why is it so powerful? First off, you won’t come off as needy. You are clearly out to have fun. Girls will notice you and your friends as fun guys and will WANT to get to know you because they know you are going to bring them joy. Your objective won’t be to strictly hit on girls when you have fun, and right away you will show that you are not on a mission to take home a girl. No desperation, and girls notice that.

What are some ways to have fun? Sometimes a group of friends will get a kick just out of chatting with each other. Some play games with each other. One cool way to get a big laugh is to play a game with your friends where you have to say some statement every time you go and talk to a girl. It should be very silly, and it will get a laugh out of everyone. You will also be amazed at how great some women will respond even though you are telling them weird lines/phrases. For example, you and your friends have to throw in the word “donkey” in every interaction with a girl… see how fun this can be?

Next time you plan a night out with your friends, forget about hitting on girls. Make your only focus on having fun. Once you are in that state, go ahead and interact with girls. You will be amazed at how much your success with skyrocket.


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