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The One(der) System Man’s Guide to Getting Your 100% Perfect Girl

The One(der) System Man’s Guide to Getting Your 100% Perfect Girl

The One(der) System: Man’s Guide to Getting Your 100% Perfect Girl

Review of The One(der) System

The One(der) System, dating product by Mehow, is what we are reviewing today.  Mehow calls it your ‘one(der) girl’. A dating system packaged to get you the type of long term girlfriend that you aspire to date – what A play on words, as its popular to talk about your search for “The One” girl that fits you and you’ll fall deeply in love with (also known as your soul mate).

What a great dating product idea, whose focus is on what most guys want, all pieces in one box. It’s such an ambitious goal for a single product and a pioneering product.

There will be some different approaches and methods when applying the skills you learn from The One(der) System. This won’t be like your typical dating product. Mehow’s One(der) System holds some valuable, but different information. I think this is a valuable product, but One(der) System is lacking in many areas as well.

It is pretty cool how Mehow gives some great examples in the One(der) System.

What dating skill level is The One(der) System best suited for?

The One(der) System is mainly geared at new guys who don’t have a ton of dating experience. That is not to say this dating product is bad at all, because it is full of great lessons and dating tips to help guys get over the most common sticking points that can in fact ruin your dating life. It’s also for advanced guys who are more focussed on relationships and less on going out and practicing on new women all the time. If you have moderate dating skills, we have other products we have reviewed that are much stronger for your skill level.

How The One(der) System impacted my dating life

At my personal dating skill level I didn’t take a ton of “ah ha” moments out of The One(der) System as I have from some of the other dating product I have reviews on. I did enjoy Mehow’s unique spin on the relationship management side of the dating world and I think there was some value in that for me. For the money, this dating product is worth getting and did add value to my overall dating life.

How to use The One(der) System to improve your dating life

To get the most out of Mehow’s dating product, I suggest you focus on the sticking points he covers for new guys. There are so many simple things that he covers that can throw you into friend zone and out of dating zone with women. Take the time to do what he says in The One(der) System and work through each of these one at a time until you feel you have them handled before moving on to more outer game based dating products that will give you lines and routines. Those will not be helpful if you are making common mistakes in your dating life.

If you have more advanced dating skills or a guy looking for to date one woman long term, use Mehow’s dating product at a lipmus test to see where you are at in your current relationship and to see if you are making the mistakes he mentions or if you are doing the things that cause positive reactions in your relationships.

Not too sure about the One(der) System’s structure

I definitely think Mehow could have done a much better job in the structure of The One(der) System. It seems like there are many missing pieces and sometimes it is just a little difficult to follow due to it’s structure.


Overall View of The One(der) System

Are you searching for a long lasting enjoyable relationship with a quality girl of your choice?
Then this is the a solid dating product to get you there. Overcome that short term tensions and fears and begin a long lasting effective relationship. Get back with her as soon as you make a choice to, under the guidance of the best up-to-date product.

Not my favorite product, but depending on where you are at in your dating skills journey, this is not a bad buy for the money at all.

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