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The Online Dating Dilemma

Many people are skeptical of putting themselves in the online dating scene. I was at first, but after checking out some of the sites I realized there are very high quality women who are dating online. I decided to make a profile and have zero regrets.

Which sites should you use? I think OK Cupid is probably the best one out there. It is free and has some gorgeous women on it. The site is very neat and organized. Plenty of Fish is another good one too. Plenty of Fish has a lot of women, but I found it to be a bit cluttered. It may not look like a decent website, but Plenty of Fish is legit and free. You can’t go wrong with both sites, so make a profile for both!

Some things you need to watch out for are fake profiles. There are a lot of people out there who will play a joke on you and make a fake profile of what looks to be a beautiful woman. Sometimes you can tell by one’s information if they are phony or not. Also, have a look out for the pictures. It is best if they have more than one picture and if it is a photo of them in social situations.

If you begin interactions with women, continue it OFF the website. This is so crucial. One thing I do is get the interaction onto Facebook. That way, I can examine their profile and look more photos and background information. This makes it more valid and helps you screen out the real girls from the fake ones.

Online dating is filled with plenty of hot women. Make your profile cool and you can enhance your dating life with little effort. I literally copied the profile portion in Cajun’s Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating. I was getting messaged by girls by using his methods, and have been on many dates. I also copied and pasted his messages and seemed to be getting many responses from them.

Online dating can be fun. Give it a try and you will realize the number of hot women on the online dating market.

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