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The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game

The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game

Review of The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game:

This is one of the best products out there, and should be required for everyone who wants to get their dating life in check. Going out and approaching a woman is one thing, but what about the phone number? What do you do with it? I found myself many times in the past getting the phone number… then getting no response as well, and failing to make a date with the girl. This book is what turns your phone numbers into dates. Phone and text game is a different ball game and Braddock and Mr. M hit a home run with this book.

This book is so simple to implement into your arsenal of game. There are exact texts that you can use, and they WILL work… I have tried them myself! This is not just a big list of text messages either. This book gets into great detail on when to text, and what to expect depending on scenario. Braddock is genius as he explains the short, medium, and long fuse girls and how to crack each fuse. This book will answer every question you have about phone and text game and increase the women in your dating life. It is evident that Braddock and Mr. M put a lot of time and effort into this dating guide. It just enhances Love Systems’ reputation as providing some of the highest quality dating products out on the market. Braddock and Mr. M went through years of trial and error to master text and phone game. The content in this dating product is extremely valuable, and there aren’t many products out there that approach the topic of phone and text game like this one. If you want to know how to text a girl, you get your answer and much more in this dating book.

What dating skill level is The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game best for?

The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game is a dating product that will make a huge impact on ALL skill levels of dating! The only pre-requisite you need are phone numbers to work with, or the ability to get phone numbers somewhat frequently. Whether you have none or many girls in your dating life, this guide on how to text girls is going to increase your number and enhance your dating life.

How the Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game enhanced my dating life

For one, Braddock and Mr. M’s guide showed me simply how to text girls. Not only did I learn how to text girls and add them to my dating life, the humor factor in the book helped me verbal game as well. This dating product helped me become funnier and more attractive when I was meeting and dating women.

When I got a hold of Braddock and Mr. M’s book, I was decently skilled in my dating life. I was very good at approaching women and dating them, but I had zero consistency. I was getting frequent phone numbers which I thought would turn into dates, but before I knew it, these women vanished from my dating life.

The best thing about this dating guide is that it was extremely easy for me to implement. I even copied some of the text messages word for word, and was instantly getting responses. After practice, which with phone and text game is extremely easy, as you can practice by texting girls already in your phone book, I was starting to see consistency in my dating life.

The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone game will show you how to text girls

It was amazing to see some of the phone and text conversations that Braddock showed as examples. These real text logs changed the way I looked at my phone and really just showed me how to text girls and get real results. Braddock had a scenario where he got no responses for over a month, then out of no where finally got a response and was able to turn a non-responsive girl into a date, and hookup. It was amazing to see this, and even more amazing when I saw improvements in my dating life after using the techniques in the Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game.

For everyone else, the strategies laid out in this book are pretty simple. Braddock and Mr. M lay out all the different scenarios you may be in with a girl and give you a game plan to help you add them to your dating life. There are short, medium, and long fuse girls. Each girl has a different blueprint on how to text, and Braddock and Mr. M explain and teach you each one perfectly, filled with descriptions and real life examples of how to text them.

The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game Dislikes

Nothing much. The book provides essentially everything that has to do with phone and text game. If you want to solidify more dates in your life, this is an important book. Dating coaches Braddock and Mr. M have developed a top-notch product in a very difficult niche that most people have trouble with in their dating life. Although it’s not a big deal at all, it may have helped if there was a small section on how to use some emoticons. With the development of such advances in emoticons on text, a section on how to utilize them would have been cool.

Do yourself a favor, and read The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game!

You will be amazed when you read this dating book. It is applicable for any level of dating skill. All you need is a phone number and you will see the results. Braddock and Mr. M did an amazing job covering this topic because there was not something similar to it in the past. This product changed my dating life for the better. Rather than having short-term relationships or hookups, I was able to change phone numbers into consistent dates and grow my relationship with women. You may think that something so subtle like a text message is worthless in getting better results, but you will be amazed once you give it a try.

Braddock and Mr. M once again show why they are 2 of the best dating coaches in the world. Love Systems once again comes out with a dating product that solidifies their status as one of the best dating companies on the market. This product is recommended for everyone; One of the best dating products we have ever encountered.


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