Should you use pickup lines in dating?

First off, lets try to define a pickup line. There is not a magic line that will ever get a girl to go home with you right off the bat. I don’t like the term pickup line to be honest. As a matter of fact, I don’t like to use any line when interacting with girls. But, for the sake of the vocabulary I guess the pickup line I like to use is “Hi” or “Hey, you’re cute we should talk.”


Like mentioned earlier, there is no such thing as a pickup line that will get a girl to leave with you right after you deliver it. There are however, pickup lines you may use that can lead to an interaction, and then a pickup. Many of the products reviewed on this site are packed with great one liners. “Magic Bullets” is full of examples and Love Systems has an entire nearly 200 page book dedicated to pickup lines called “The Routines Manual.”

Don’t Use Cliche Pickup Lines:

However, these dating recourses are not full of lame lines you would expect to hear a creepy middle aged man in a bad suit saying to girls in a seedy lounge or in a bad movie. No, the lines we are talking about are lines that cause powerful responses in the opposite sex by hitting certain triggers that are biologically hardwired.


Let’s go over some certain “pickup lines.”


My favorite pickup line is a direct one. This means, I go up to a girl and tell her she is cute. “You’re cute, let’s talk,” “I wanted to meet you.” “Hi, I wanna talk to you.”

As you can see, these aren’t exactly lines. But if it helps you out, memorize these and claim them as your pickup lines.


Pickup lines can be conversation starters where you are simply asking girls for their opinions on certain things. For example, “Hey, do you think this shirt makes me look gay?” or “What do you think of tattoos on a girl?” Think of something to ask, and use it as your pickup line.

They can also be one liners where you tease them about where they are from or something about them you noticed or picked up in the conversation.


I would avoid cheesy pickup lines.

There are many foolish lines you can use on a girl that may have sounded smooth in a movie, but they will have her laughing at you, not with you. For example, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” “How much does a polar bear weight? Enough to break the ice” Stay away from these.


So what is the best pickup line? Anything to get a conversation going. Go out and try your own pickup lines and see which ones work.

If you were hoping for a post full of one liners or desperately need a kick start with what to say, you need to check out our review of the Love Systems Routines Manual.