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Advanced Attraction, Push-Pull

Advanced Attraction, Push-Pull

Review on Advanced Attraction

Push Pull seems to be a staple in Braddock and Daxx’s attraction strategies. When it comes to dating tips that are not just theory and things you can actually go out and use tonight, this advanced attraction audio series is full of dating tips that you can walk out and use tonight. Daxx and Braddock of Love Systems are 2 of the best dating coaches in the world, and this audio really shows why. Not only do they give examples, they go in-depth on why certain dating techniques will either work or won’t. For the price, there aren’t many dating products on the market that give this much content. They jump right in from the first minute and start pouring out dating tip after dating tip for over an hour. You will find yourself pausing this dating product and taking a ton of notes as they don’t waste any time or go on tangents. This Love Systems audio series is at least one of their top 3 audio series out of the 60 or so they’ve made. For the topic of advanced attraction the dating advice in this product is extremely comprehensive. Braddock and Daxx cover the how, when, why, and where of how to use these dating techniques in so much depth, you will need to listen to this several times to get all the value out of it. Another great thing about the dating advice in this audio, is that Braddock and Daxx lay out some practices you can do to help you improve and integrate these into your overall dating skill set. Not only do they provide you with valuable dating material, they guide you on how to make sure you are growing in your dating life.

What is Push Pull? How do you use Advanced Attraction?

Push Pull is essentially teasing a girl. Although it sounds simple, Push-Pull is extremely expansive, and Braddock and Daxx cover it perfectly. If you have ever lost a girl who you felt got bored with you or always feel like your dating life always ends up in the friend zone, it is likely you are doing little or no push pull. I also loved how Braddock and Daxx give so many examples of so many different situations. This will help you in so many dating contexts it’s invaluable. Push pull seems easy, but is somewhat of an art form that takes time to master. If you over do it, you will make the woman upset. If you do it to little, you don’t gain the benefits of the attraction it is meant to create. To be good at dating, push pull is as necessary as any other dating skill you can acquire. Braddock and Daxx go as far as to say in the audio that it is “the bedrock of flirting.”

If you are new or advanced this audio will be gold for you. If you are advanced then the dating advice in this audio will likely tighten up your rap and give you a few more pieces of gold to add to your dating skill arsenal. If you are a beginner, put this audio on repeat and listen to it over and over at least once a week for the next 6 months and it will keep getting better and better for you.

Dating coaches Braddock and Daxx also cover how to open with Push-Pull. This area alone will help anyone instantly, as they give you many openers to use. I do have Love Systems’ Opening and Transitioning audio, and it helped my game tremendously. Especially as a beginner, I highly recommend it. But now, I prefer the openers I learned from the Push-Pull audio and use them all the time. That is not to say do not buy the Opening and Transitioning audio. Especially for beginners, it will help your game extremely. But what I am saying is that you get some awesome opening tips and examples in the Push-Pull audio which is just one of the many reasons this audio is one of the few I continuously listen to.

Advanced Attraction Dislikes:

Can be a bit long and you may get lost because of it, but that can be alleviated just by repetition. Anyways, listening to an audio of any sort just once will never do justice.  It’s hard to find dislikes on a product that gives away so much free quality dating advice for only $40.00.  This really is a master piece and I’m surprised Love Systems gave it away for so cheap and didn’t lump this into one of their bigger DVD sets or a comprehensive dating product on attraction.

Do you want to have Advanced Attraction?

To get the best out of this audio you must listen to it numerous times. Braddock and Daxx go for almost 2 hours, which is amazing! Personally, no audio has ever helped me this much. But the reason for that is because I continuously listen to it. Braddock and Daxx go extremely in-depth with Push-Pull to the point that any question you have will be answered in the audio. From using push-pull to open or get sexual, Braddock and Daxx cover it all.

This is one of the few dating products that made me sit up in my seat and grab a pen and paper and start taking serious notes.  We go over so many dating products here and most of them are crap that it’s exciting for us when we find a gem that keeps our attention and teaches us something special we can add to our dating world at our advanced level.  This product covers some old stuff, but with a great new spin and adds depth to the pre existing knowledge that was only grazed over in past dating products.  This is a “must have” for anyone serious about getting to a mastery level with their dating skills.

Braddock and Daxx are known as being 2 of the best dating coaches in the world. Them, along with Love Systems’ other dating coaches show  why the company had come out with some of the best dating products out there. This audio has been one of the biggest contributors to my game, and I promise it will take your dating life to the next level too. It is usually tough to review audios because they are usually short. Push Pull was filled with valuable information for a hefty amount of time, which is why we gave this a 5 star review. No audio out there will make more of an impact than push pull.

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