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Love Systems did everyone well by dedicating a dating audio on the topic of qualification. What is qualification? Qualification is making a girl qualify herself to you. Qualification is so important for many reasons. For one, it is what will help you transition into comfort phase with a woman. Also, you will not gain much deeper attraction if all you are doing is making a girl laugh; you have to eventually express interest in her. Most importantly, as stated in the interview, Qualification is what gets you the girl.

If you run good qualification on a girl, it makes her chase you. It also expresses that you are not an easy guy to be with, which makes her even more attracted to you. If you can master qualification you are going to see extreme abundance in your dating life. It is difficult to express in a review how important this dating audio is. There aren’t any dating products out there that focus solely on qualification, and this is a home run.

This dating audio gets in great depth on the topic of qualification. Dating coaches Vision and Sinn explain 3 different qualification hoops and when to use them. The dating product also gets into detail on how to use qualification to increase the sexual state of the interaction. This can be helpful, as turning things sexual with a woman is a difficult dating skill in itself.

What dating skill level is Qualification best suited for?

Qualification is going to benefit intermediate to advanced skill level daters the most. Beginners should first have basics mastered such as opening, transitioning, attraction, and inner game before they implement qualification. It would be very difficult to win a girl over with qualification if you are not familiar with the basic dating skills.

The dating audio on qualification can really take your skill level from intermediate to advanced, or even advanced to master. Qualification was one of my toughest skills to master, but it really took my game to the next level. I was good at making girls laugh and gaining attraction, but it would fizzle off because I would neglect showing interest in the girl. Once you master qualification, you will start gaining that extra wind of attraction and have her truly wanting and chasing you.

How Qualification impacted my dating life

As stated above, qualification took my dating life from intermediate to master. I was good at opening, transitioning, making girls laugh and gaining attraction, but I was getting no where after that. I would get success at times, but my dating life was lacking consistency because I NEVER showed that I liked the girl. Qualification helped me show interest in a girl, which is extremely powerful if you do it correctly. This was where I was starting to gain some true comfort due to my prior qualification, which then resulted in not only more women in my dating life, but longer and stronger relationships.

The dating audio on qualification also helped me turn things sexual with a girl. At times I would make attempts at turning things sexual, but rarely it would work. I would sometimes lose a girl because of the awkwardness of attempting to make the interaction sexual. The Qualification audio gave valuable dating advice on how to amp up the sexual tension of the conversation in a non-creepy way that seemed natural.

How to use Qualification to improve your dating life

The Qualification audio is filled with valuable dating advice. Once you review the audio more than once, you will learn the times you can qualify a girl, and how heavy to do so. More importantly, as with all other products, you must practice the dating techniques out in the field in real life! This audio is filled with great dating advice that has the power to take your game to the next level, but if you don’t put it to use you will get no where. This is the only dating product that solely covers this topic, so take advantage of it. Qualification is what will get you the girl.

Also, don’t worry if you’re scared of routines that may not match your identity. The dating audio is filled with ways that you can make your qualification calibrated to you, and represent who you are. No fake dating pickup lines or routines here.

What I disliked about Qualification

This dating audio is pretty old. It came out about 5-6 years ago. That is not to say it doesn’t offer valuable dating advice, because it delivers that. But there are some new methods of qualification nowadays that would be helpful for others to learn about in conjunction with this dating audio.


Concluding Qualification

If you can master qualification, you will become advanced in your dating life. The great thing about this audio is that Vision and Sinn give methods on when to use¬†qualification, and at what level. They give good detail on how to implement it in your dating skills, so you should never be lost when trying it out. Also, don’t worry if you went too far or messed up an interaction during qualification. It happens, and Vision and Sinn have a section of the audio dedicated to damage control to help get you out of sticky situations you may encounter during the qualification phase

Bottom line, everyone needs to get this dating product. If you are a beginner, still get it but only add it to your dating skills arsenal when you have mastered opening, transitioning, and attraction. For other guys that are intermediate or advanced, qualification is really going to help you make a jump to the next level in your dating life.

If you want to start dating more quality women, and develop stronger relationships, you need this dating product. It will add consistency in your dating life and help you keep more women.


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