Many of the products on the site will be very helpful if you want to improve your dating life. We try to provide you with reviews to only the best dating products. There are some things that you can do instantly which will help improve your successes. Some quick fixes you can make to make sure you are on the right track.

  • Go out more! This one is simple, but all of the best dating coaches in the world got great because they went out a lot. I am not talking about going out only on weekends. I am talking 4-7 nights a week. Some of the masters in the community used to go out everyday. It is the only way you can learn from your mistakes and master your game. You need experience to get good, and this is the only way.
  • Make field reports after your nights out. Write down as best you could, all of your interactions you had with women. Better yet, take a tape recorder and record yourself. Is your tonality strong? Are you talking too fast? You can answer all these questions. Also, take note of a high or low point in your field report. Why did that happen? What was it I said to make her laugh? What could I have done to get more sexual? If you sit down and examine your field reports, you will learn a lot and make strides the next time you go out.
  • Work out! These are free points right here. There is no reason not to have a good physique. 1st off, it is much more attractive to women. It also gives you positive energy and makes you feel better overall as a human. It shows you take care of your body and are athletic. Improving your physique is an easy way to get more attractive.
  • Change your style. Don’t peacock and look ridiculous. Just make sure you have good style. Are you wearing well-fitted clothes? Nice shoes? Girls notice these little things. Find some females, whether it is your friends or a store clerk, and get advice on your clothes when shopping. Ask them what looks good and take their suggestions. Again, these are free points.
  • Have a positive attitude. You will go through ups and downs. You may go through tough times in your game for a very long time. But if you stay consistent, and keep learning, you will get better. The key is consistency. Keep going out and get a better dating life with the best dating products!