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Relationship Management DVD

Relationship Management DVD

Overview of Relationship Management DVD by Savoy of Love Systems

In this review we are coving Love Systems’dating product by Savoy called Relationship Management. This is a DVD set in an interview style format where Savoy covers a range of relationship issues and gives dating tips on how to have better healthier relationships. Savoy of Love Systems also covers advanced principles like dating many women at once and even touches the advanced dating topic of threesomes.

If anyone can develop a relationship management product, it is Savoy of Love Systems. Savoy is a pioneer in the dating community and one of the original icons from when pickup artist techniques and dating became more mainstream. Savoy is not a young 20 year old trying to just seduce girls at bars and nightclubs. He is as I would like to call, a seasoned veteran who has been through it all. There is a reason he is the president of one of the best dating companies out there. Savoy is a master pickup artist and also a master with relationships. He has been through probably every scenario you can think of, so the advice in Relationship Management is really going to make an impact on your dating life.

There are so many dating products we have reviewed on this site that are focussed on attraction, inner game, dates, etc.. But there are very few strong dating products that teach proper relationship skills.  The interview style format of the Relationship Management dating product is actually enjoyable as it allows Savoy to free flow and not just follow a boring power point. If you have lost girls again and again or just found that you were lost at sea without a paddel when you find yourself in a relationship, this dating product on relationship management may feel like a God send.

However, if you are a guy who is ultra single and not at a phase where you would even consider a relationship, then you may want to check out a review or two on some of our other products as they may be a better use of your money and time.

Good, solid and USEFUL dating advice in Relationship Management

Savoy pretty much covers the standard dating advice that you will need in Relationship Management. Relationship Management will relate to almost everyone looking for a strong and steady relationship with a woman. Relationship Management is perfect for those guys that want to approach dating and women with a long-term perspective. By this I mean not strictly looking just to hook up in a short amount of time. Please note that with Relationship Management, you may have to change the style of your game and the way you intend on picking up women. One Night Stand or Same Night Lay game is not exactly the right blueprint for developing a strong relationship with a woman. Don’t fret though, Savoy as well as all the dating coaches of Love Systems get into great detail with their methods. You won’t be lost, and Relationship Management will put you on the right track to developing strong and healthy relationships.


Some aspects to be aware of with Relationship Management

Relationship Management may seem a bit too general for viewers. Savoy does get into solid detail with Relationship Management as stated above, but he still tends to forget about some other perspectives when dealing with the topic. Although the advice is second-to-none and it applies to a majority of people, it still doesn’t apply to all. Some readers may be seeking a product that isn’t generic with relationships. It would have been beneficial if Savoy went into a wider range of topics when constructing Relationship Management.

Relationship Management is strong dating advice overall, but there were many times where I would be watching and anticipating him to dig deep into the topic he started and really flesh out the details, but Savoy would often times graze the topic and give a very general answer that I felt was lacking.  For such a complex dating topic as Relationship Management, I would have liked to see more detail and more specifics on both sides of the coin.  He would often pick an answer or stance and not really discuss the couter balance to that point or the “Well, keep in mind this happens some of the time, but if X happens, this advice wouldn’t work.”  Savoy gives a one size fits all answer on some questions in Relationship Management.

Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water here, despite these flaws, Relationship Management is still a strong product overall.  Just be careful and make sure as a viewer you take some of the dating advice in here with a grain of salt and don’t take everything in here as hard rigid facts. This product is still hands down the best relationship management course you will find.

Despite minor flaws, Relationship Management will impact your dating life

It seems Savoy really put his heart into Relationship Management. What I like about Savoy and his Love Systems products is that he is a seasoned veteran and a future hall-of-famer for pickup artists. What does this mean? It means he has been through all the trenches and experienced more highs and lows than anybody out there. He has had his era of going for quick pickups, and his years of trial and error in developing strong and healthy relationships with some of the world’s highest quality women. Savoy knows what he is talking about, and that is why Relationship Management is so valuable. You won’t find many other dating coaches out there who have the same track record as Savoy of Love Systems.

If you are a guy looking to develop a healthy relationship with a woman, then you need this product. Invest the money into it because it will impact you permanently. Must-have product by Savoy and Love Systems.

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