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Retail Clerk Game

Retail Clerk Game

Review on Love Systems audio Retail Clerk Game, by dating coaches Braddock and Dubbsy

I was really intrigued when I was looking at the list of dating audios by Love Systems and saw the one titled “Retail Clerk Game.” I am very impressed with Love System’s overall audios as they get in depth with topics such as retail clerks, younger women, strippers, and more. Any dating topic you can imagine, Love Systems probably has it covered with an audio, or will eventually. They truly prepare you to meet women in ANY situation and scenario possible.

How often do you see a cute girl working at the coffee shop or trying to sell you shirts in the clothing store? It is something we witness all the time! I frequently encounter the cute girl working at the coffee shop or the hottie at the clothing store trying to sell me some jeans. I had never gone far with any of them, as I assumed they were just being nice to sell me and do their job. This is discussed more in-depth in the audio, but they are paid to be nice to you. Hence, there is a much different strategy you need to take when attempting to add retail clerks into your dating life.

Braddock and Dubbsy explain in detail what I just stated. All employees are forced to be nice so they can sell you. What you need to do is take advantage of that and get them out of their work state. It really hit me when Braddock and Dubbsy explained certain ways to get the girl out of “sales mode.” This actually turns out to be extremely powerful as it breaks the girl’s state and gets her to open up a bit more and not be in “sales mode.” Getting her out of her work state really opens things up and allows you to interact with her more normally. Approaching retail clerks is much different than typical approaches.

The best part of this dating product is the plethora of examples Braddock and Dubbsy give that they have personally used. Not only are the examples effective, but they are extremely funny and will make you come off as a natural guy when interacting with girls. The ease of implementation is money with this audio. You can literally use their examples word for word, and you will see great results and add more women into your dating life.

What dating skill level is the audio on Retail Clerk Game best suited for?

This dating audio is best for all skill levels! For beginners, the advice given in this product is extremely easy to understand and use in your dating life. Access to shops, malls, coffee shops are also very common, so practicing the techniques should be a breeze. For intermediate to advanced guys, sure you may be a master communicator with women, but adding retail clerks into your dating life is a different ball game! Retail clerks are paid to be nice, and also are focused solely on their job, and to sell something to you. You need to work around this and get them out of their work state. The dating audio gives you all the tools to do so, and add these gorgeous women into your dating life.

How Retail Clerk Game impacted my dating life

This audio really added another dimension to my dating life. Once you start practicing this stuff and getting better, you start searching for all the possible ways to add more women into your dating life. I always went shopping in the mall and saw gorgeous girls working in all the clothing stores, and wondered how to add these women into my dating life. I also see the same when I am in the coffee shop or restaurant. I never knew how to approach them and thought my only chances of dating them was to meet them outside of the workplace, because I knew they were forced to be nice to me because it is their job. I also knew that most of them were probably getting horrible attempts at being picked up while on the job, so it probably would have irritated them if I made an attempt. After listening to the audio, I was pretty excited to try everything I learned. Braddock and Dubbsy give some awesome techniques to come off as natural and get girls out of their working state. They also give examples of what they do themselves, which are extremely funny. After trying a few of their methods out, I was getting some great results. The best part was I was easily to implement the style everyday whenever I was out. I was adding more women in my dating life instantly!

How to use the audio on Retail Clerk Game to improve your dating life

It is really easy to utilize all the advice and techniques you are going to learn with this dating product. There are many factors to approaching retail clerks, but it is all basic and simple techniques that you will use. Braddock and Dubbsy give great examples, and are very clear with what they’re trying to say. You simply just need to practice whenever you are out in a setting with retail clerks. This is extremely easy because you can use the techniques in coffee shops, restaurants, clothing stores, retail stores, etc. The possibilities in your dating life are endless. Once you learn to properly get the girls out of sales mode, you will see some great results and be able to add more women into your dating life, with much less effort than going out in a bar or nightclub.

Concluding the audio on Retail Clerk Game

I definitely recommend this dating product! It offers some awesome advice, and makes it so easy to interact with women who are working. Not to mention that most of girls that work in retail are extremely gorgeous, and this will add another dimension into your daygame, and overall game. The best part about this audio is that it is extremely easy to apply in your dating life. You won’t see any other dating products that will help you flirt with and date women working in coffee shops, retail, etc. Awesome and easy way to add more hot women in your dating life. Braddock and Dubbsy nailed the bullseye with this topic.

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