Revelation Review:

It’s evident that Mystery and the other dating coaches at Venusian Arts put a lot of time into this product. You will definitely notice a whole new style compared to the past Mystery Method products. Revelation backs off a bit more from routines based dating and has an emphasis on developing the correct mentality to enhance your dating life. In the past, the dating coaches at Venusian Arts, formerly known as Mystery Method, were notorious for some of methods such as peacocking, using canned routines, and negging women. In the past, these methods seemed to work, but in the modern dating era we see such habits as very outdated. These methods don’t seem to work anymore, and can get you in trouble. Every since the show, “The Pickup Artist,” many of the old techniques had to be reviewed and revised.

Revelation is such a crucial prodcut because Mystery and the others at Venusian Arts back away from these robotic and canned dating tips, and emphasize such characteristics and really put a strong focus on the theory of what to actually say, delivery of openers, smooth tonality, and having a healthy and strong inner game. This is one of, if not THE best dating products on the market if you are still wondering, “What do I say to women in conversations?” Revelation breaks down conversation skills like a science book breaks down chemistry. Revelation truly helps you “see the Matrix” so to speak and opens your eyes to exactly what your natural buddies are saying and why it works so well in their dating life.

In the past, I read all of the Venusian Arts/Mystery Method products and became very familiar with unhealthy habits such as negging a women, and wearing outrageous clothing to spark attention. Once I learned how useless these actions were, I tried to stay away from Venusian Arts products overall. However, Mystery did me and all guys in the community a favor with this dating product. It was a total change in style and mentality from past Venusian Arts/Mystery Method dating products and provides some extremely effective dating advice that is tailored for extremely hot women. Bravo to Mystery and the other dating coaches at Venusian Arts for changing what was once a negative perception and for creating Revelation. This review was a pleasure to write.

What dating skill level should you be to get the most out of Revelation?

If you are a beginner, it wouldn’t be difficult to get the most out of this book, it would just take some major focus. This book is filled with a massive amount of information and is extremely comprehensive. Be ready to read thoroughly and take great notes. To help, just review some recent Mystery articles just to get your mind fresh with some of the universal PUA lingo and practices.

Revelation is also great for dating levels intermediate to advance. This book is similar to Magic Bullets, but If you are a beginner, go with Magic Bullets. Both Revelation and Magic Bullets provide great foundations for intermediate to advanced dating skill, but Revelation gets a bit more in-depth and detailed. If you want a simpler format, get Magic Bullets. But if you are at a medium to high level in dating expertise, Revelation will help you make large strides in adding more women into your dating life. I open Revelation everyday and learn something new I can add to my dating skills.

The Impact Revelation has made on my dating life:

I have read Revelation more than once, and go back to it all the time. It is extremely comprehensive so I am learning new dating skills every time I open it, which is helping me expand my dating life to great levels. Mystery’s previous dating products would get into detail on routines, and PUA methods such as negging and peacocking. That’s why we had a hard time giving his other dating products a 5 star rating. They were so heavy on theory and faking your dating skills and did not teach you how to implement them into your dating life and make them your own. Revelations is completely different. This book is packed with very advanced conversational dating techniques, yet explains it in such a way that anyone can use it and add it to their life right away. Mystery is not one of the oldest and best dating coaches in the game for nothing. He knows what he is talking about and Revelation proves that not only did he help originate dating advice products for men, but he also has the ability to evolve with the times and write products that are relevant to todays dating world.

The good thing about Revelation is that it gets into natural game, and developing healthy and effective mindsets for picking up women. Mystery goes into great detail on setting good vibes and the impact it can make on your dating success. Revelation focuses more on how things are said and done, rather than what is said and done, which helped me improve a lot. This book is filled with many awesome tools to help you succeed with hot women and if you are a moderate to advanced guy, Revelation is a must own. Revelation took my game to the next level. I had been stuck for a while and needed something more advanced to take my dating skills to that next level, Revelations was it.

The negatives of Revelation:

Revelation is extremely comprehensive. Although this is actually positive, it can scare of some beginners when reading this product. Mystery did make Revelation a pretty difficult read, but it is worth the struggle. Being an experienced dater and user of most dating products on the market, I can tell you that Revelation will help you date hotter women if you put in the time and effort with it.

Revelation is on the expensive side in comparison to most dating products on the market, but it is a product that you will go back to a number of times and the content in Revelations is far better than most dating products on the market, so the extra coin is worth it. Similar to Magic Bullets, Revelation is a dating product that you can continuously use to solve any problems you may run into on your PUA journey. It is so comprehensive that it will be able to answer any dating questions you may have.

Our 2 Cents on Revelation: A dating guide that will help improve your dating life


Revelation will cost you more than most dating books, but it is worth it. The book is filled with over 300 pages of valuable dating tips, so you are truly getting more than what you pay for. At around $100 dollars, it can be a pricey investment, but the material and advice you get will last you a lifetime, and fill your dating life with hot women.
Don’t let the past perception of Mystery and Venusian Arts shy you away from purchasing Revelation. They understand that getting hot women won’t always come from peacocking or negging a women. They calibrated their methods into a one-of-a-kind guide that will help all dating skill levels improve. Don’t expect to become a routine robot after reading this; expect to develop a healthy mindset.
Revelations is key to helping you master your dating life. It will take time to implement everything, but it is well worth it and the dating coaches from Venusian Arts showed why they are still a top company.

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