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Routines Manual by Love Systems

Routines Manual by Love Systems

Review of The Routines Manual by Love Systems

I really think Love Systems developed a product that will ease the learning curve for many guys out there. Many guys new to the dating scene always want to know what to say to a girl when they approach them. The Routines Manual lays out many routines that you can use to help you have an effective conversation with a woman, and improve your interactions overall.

By using the tried and tested routines contained in this manual, you will increase your confidence and take pressure off having to come up with something to say in every phase of your interactions. By studying the routines manual, you will get to see first hand what good conversation looks like and you can use these exact lines until you see good progress with your interaction skills.

The routines created by the Love Systems dating coaches really help you through the ‘training wheel’ cycle, meaning you can get up and running straight away until you are ready to create routines yourself.

Dating advice offered in The Routines Manual

The Love Systems Routines Manual will help you open women, but more importantly teach you how to move forward with your interaction. You will get the gist of what a good conversation and interaction should feel like when using these dating routines.

Logistical Progression is a concise section that really gives you some ideas of how to use routines to suggest a different club or venue, for example. This is a great solution if you are somewhere noisy or want to get things moving on an intimate level.

The Physical Progression sections are also filled great dating routines. They have really made sure that the indirect openers routines are both subtle and have positive traits built in to them. Whilst reading and learning the Physical Progression section, you will really see the sophistication in the routines and see the results and benefits of learning Love Systems’ dating strategies. It embeds some positive communication about your character that will be positive for your quest to add more women in your dating life.

What dating skill level is the Routines Manual best suited for?

The routines manual is best for beginners in the dating scene, but will impact and improve anyone’s dating life. Depending on your dating experience, we find most guys would be able to use the majority of the routines to reach their objectives. However, the Routines Manual will really make the learning curve for beginners simple, and instantly improve their dating skills. The dating guide is filled with plenty of routines that you can memorize, and practice on women until you see the improvements you want in your dating life. The Routines Manual will also help you create your own routines to use on women.

For other guys who aren’t beginners, this dating product will really improve your conversational skills and progress your interactions with women.

How to use the Routines Manual to improve your dating life

One benefit of the Love Systems Routines Manual is that it is extremely easy to implement into your dating arsenal. All you need to do is find the routines that will best suit you or the situation, and go out and use them. With practice you will learn how powerful these dating routines can be. You will NEVER be at a loss for words when you practice the material from this dating product. Also, you will learn how to develop your own routines that you can use when interacting with a woman.

The impact the Routines Manual made on my dating life

For me, I didn’t have much trouble opening a woman or talking to her. I was however very inconsistent having effective conversations and adding these women into my dating life. I couldn’t always develop an interaction on a regular basis. After getting my hands on the Routines Manual, I learned how to progress my conversations with women, and move much more forward than I did in the past. I was never a fan of using pickup lines or routines; I always thought it was an unhealthy habit and can ruin your sub-communications when talking to a woman, making you seem fake and unnatural. But the Routines Manual is not like that. The dating product helps you move forward and really teaches you how to effectively have a conversation with a woman and progress the interaction. This dating product was vital for me because it helped me develop consistency in my interactions with a woman. My encounters in nightclubs and bars used to always be hit or miss because I would either get lucky with my progression, or I would fizzle off and lose the girl. The Routines Manual was a great tool to help me realize what I was doing wrong in certain situations, and how to fix it.

Also, you may be uncomfortable with some of the dating routines in the manual because it may not represent your identity… but, there are so many field tested routines in the book, that a number will end up suitable for you. Also, the dating product teaches you how to create your own routines that represent YOUR identity!

The Bottom Line: Tune up your dating skills

The Routines Manual is a great dating product, especially for beginners that find themselves at a loss for words when interacting with women. The manual serves as great training wheels because all you need to do is memorize the routines and use them when you go out. THESE ARE ALL FIELD TESTED AND PROVEN TO WORK! Love Systems has always developed some of the highest quality dating products around, and this one will not disappoint.

Definitely give the highest recommendation for this product if you have trouble starting conversation with a woman. Don’t worry, you don’t have to depend on these routines to enhance your dating life! Like mentioned above, they are just training wheels to kickstart your improvement in conversational skills and dating techniques. When you practice using the routines more and more, you will realize how to naturally make the interaction flow until the eventual point where your dating life won’t be routine dependent.


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