Review of the Routines Manual Volume 2

Love Systems dating coaches The Don and Savoy did many guys a favor by coming out with another Routines Manual. Many guys new to the dating scene have no idea how to approach a woman because they don’t know what to say to them. The Routines Manual is filled with many dating routines that you can memorize and use on women. These are all field tested and proven to work, so all you have to do is memorize a few you like and deliver them to women. Many know that it’s not always about what you say, but how you deliver it. You may mess up a few times with this at the start, but once you memorize it and can deliver with good tonality, these routines will work like a charm and improve your conversation skills in your dating life.

We stated this before in our other review on the first volume of the Routines Manual, these dating products are great training wheels to get you started. Your dating life should not ultimately be composed of strictly routines, but this manual is crucial in getting you in the field and comfortable interacting with women.

Don’t feel as though by not owning the Magic Bullets handbook that you will be at a disadvantage and not be able to use this dating manual effectively.

There is enough good information at the start of each section to help you through the routines and how each stage works and fits into the Love Systems’ dating techniques. You will also find the section on physical progression particularly helpful and constructive. Yes, your understanding would be improved by studying the Magic Bullets handbook, but it isn’t essential.

Quite a few of the routines detailed in the Routines Manual are references used throughout the original book, and it does assume that you have prior knowledge gained from the first book but with such in-depth content you will find that you are able be confident without having read the first manual.

What dating skill is the Routines Manual Volume 2 best suited for?

The 2nd edition of the Routines Manual by Love Systems is going to really help out beginners to the dating scene. Many beginners are at a loss for words not only when they approach a women, but mid conversation. The Routines Manual Volume 2 is filled with valuable content that will help you have effective interactions in your dating life.

How the Routines Manual Volume 2 impacted my dating life?

I was never really routine dependent in my dating life because when I first started I was getting into some trouble with routines because it was giving me a false identity in my dating life. However, after reading the manual I wish I had been exposed of this dating product when I first started. The great thing about this dating product, as well as the first volume, is that the routines are not too outrageous. They can come off as normal when you talk to women, whereas some of the old pickup routines back in the day would make you come off as weird, and result in an unhealthy dating life.

One other skill this dating product helped me develop was my overall conversation skills. I never really use dating routines, but whenever I am mid interaction I take a piece of some of the routines I learned from the manual and sprinkle it in my overall dating skill set. Whenever I am lost or stuck, I remember a portion of some of the routines in the manual and I get myself out of awkward or silent situations.

How to use The Routines Manual Volume 2 to improve your dating life

The routines give you a really detailed example of what successful dating coaches say and do, and how they adapt to different situations described in the Love Systems approach.

By continued learning and practicing in the field with these dating routines, you will get a better understanding and feel for what you are doing and how to get the best results in your dating life.

Once you have practiced and become comfortable with the routines you should be able to develop them further, allowing you to create your own routines while understanding the finer points. With time you should be able to feel more confident and fluent enough to improvise naturally, which will help strengthen your identity in your dating life, helping it become natural.

What I disliked about Volume 2 of the Routines Manual

I think the Routines Manual Volume 2 could have been constructed to relate to more of a broader audience. However, the routines are all tested and proven to work, so there shouldn’t be a lack of results in your dating life if you practice.

Concluding Volume 2 of The Routines Manual

This dating product is really gonna help guys that have trouble approaching women. Approach anxiety is a big roadblock in some guys’ dating life, and this product can help kill it. A reason for some of the approach anxiety is being at a loss for words when talking to a woman. The Routines Manual Volume 2 is filled with countless routines that you can use. If you practice these routines and memorize them, with good delivery, you will see a success boost in your dating life.

For guys that don’t have trouble opening or interacting with women, this dating product is still a good buy. I never had much trouble approaching and transitioning women and carrying on a conversation, but there were times I found myself at a loss for words mind-interaction. By reviewing some of the routines in the manual, I was able to take bits and pieces and use them as a conversation booster for when I was lost.

As stated in the last review of the first edition of The Routines Manual, volume 2 should also serve as training wheels for guys who want to improve their dating life. Important topics such as inner game is not covered, but this product is a good way to ignite your conversations. The Don and Savoy are all-star dating coaches. They have been around the dating scene for a very long time and know their stuff. Huge recommendation for beginners.

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