Dating Tips: Things to never say to a woman

What SHOULD I say to a woman?

We all have asked this question to ourselves at one point or another in our lives. Some of the best dating advice I have ever gotten in my life was to fix the WAY I say things. You shouldn’t be asking yourself what to say to a woman, but how to say it. Even if what you’re saying isn’t PUA friendly, you sure as hell better be saying it with strong body language, tonality, and confidence. There really isn’t much you can say that will make a conversation go downhill if you say it the correct way. However, there are a few things that you really should NEVER say to a woman.


Dating Tip 1: Never ask her if she wants to have dinner with you

Of course this is in the beggining stages of meeting her. One reason why you shouldn’t ask her for dinner, is because going to dinner is not the best first activity when you are dating her. Having dinner is very traditional in dating and can prevent the both of you from having alot of fun. There are many dating activities you can participate in that will help you and her develop a strong interaction and relationship. If you are going to ever ask her to go on dinner, don’t. Assume that she will have dinner with you. This goes to what was mentioned earlier, assuming she will have dinner with you shows rock-hard confidence. If you ever want to enhance your dating skills, you need to have great confidence.

Dating Tip 2: Never ask for her phone number

Like stated above, if you ask her for the number you will come off as needy. Show her that you assume she will give you her number and tell her to put it in your phone. Also, have a reason to get her number. Do not just try to get it out of the blue. Did you suggest some good dating activities you and her can participate. USe that as a segway and tell her to put her number in your phone so you can both eventually engage in the suggested activities.

Dating Tip 3: Don’t ask her if you can get her a drink

First off, getting a drink for a woman initially will come off as needy. It will only show that you lack women in your dating life and that you have to buy her a drink so you can at least try to have a conversation with her. It’s not bad to buy her a drink, but do it sometime during an interaction. It can actually be beneficial for you to buy her a drink because it can give you more time with her, but you must do it at the right time. If you are hitting it off well, tell her you’re going to get a shot and lead her to the bar. Don’t ask. Makes a huge different buying her a drink in that style compared to buying her one before you even meet her. Those girls will take the drink and leave you!

Dating Tip 4: Say everything confidently

We have brought up this tip many times above. Remember, you want to show a woman you have abundance in your dating life. If you ever come off as needy, she will feel that you lack confidence and the ability to get women. Don’t always worry about what to specifically say to her, just say it¬†confidently¬†and your dating skills will blossom.

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