Takeaways & Boundaries

Takeaways & Boundaries

Review of Takeaways and Boundaries by Love Systems’dating coaches Braddock and Daxx

I think that this is one of the best dating audios from Love System’s interview series. Dating coaches Braddock and Daxx have taken dating science to a new level, see our review on Advanced Attraction: Push-Pull to witness even more of the 2 coaches’ top-notch dating skills.

Takeaways and Boundaries fills in the important gaps that aren’t covered in other dating products like Magic Bullets and Mystery’s Revelation. The dating information is high quality and the advice is really helpful and effective. This dating product really helps men who consider themselves at a more advanced level of dating mastery, so I wouldn’t recommend this product for men that have little or no experience. You do really need a good understanding of how to meet and attract women to make this dating product work for you.

Takeaways and boundaries is an important way to gauge and set the level of respect that you receive from both men and women. This can be used not only in dating scenarios, but can be applied to other relevant areas of your life, from forming friendships and social circles, to applying it to your working life and career development.

There may be nothing groundbreaking when it comes to dating advice, but takeaways and boundaries are really shown in great detail with their subtlety and dynamics explored well, and covered in a fresh and powerful way. Once again, Braddock and Daxx not only give you powerful dating advice, they get into deep detail on WHY it works.

Using Takeaways and Boundaries is probably one of the most effective and powerful tools you can use when trying to add hotter and higher quality women in your dating life. If you have a decent level of dating skill, this audio is going to help you take it to the next level. Takeaways and Boundaries are very powerful, and are one of the few skills that many professional dating coaches have mastered. After listening to the audio, you will realize WHY and HOW takeaways and boundaries contribute to adding more women into your dating life.


How Takeaways and Boundaries impacted my dating life

The dating audio on Takeaways and Boundaries was a great addition to add into my dating skill set. This dating product helped me do something I have never done before, and that was walk away from a girl and show sudden disinterest…. This resulted in me losing girls, but I have never attracted the high caliber women I have been getting while using Takeaways and Boundaries. Witnessing the power of Takeaways and Boundaries was one of my best experiences during my dating journey.

Takeaways and Boundaries really helped me make girls feel at a loss if I left them. I was literally getting chased by girls at times after using certain takeaways, which amped up my dating life.

How to use Takeaways and Boundaries to improve your dating life

This dating audio interview lasts for an hour and a half and gives you a real mix of examples, mindsets and dating techniques which are covered excellently and will benefit those men who have a good foundation of knowledge and experience. It would be feasible for these types of men to put into action what is taught with a little practice, and I found that after just listening to the audio a couple of times that I had grasped the dating techniques needed. However, with a combination of listening to the audio numerous times and practice in field, you will see great leaps in your dating success.

With trial and practice being so important to the dating process, you will find that this audio interview will allow you to understand how to implement the advice with the right situations and at the right time.

Although Braddock and Daxx contribute to the majority of this audio they can’t obviously cover every situation that you may be faced with so you need to get a feel for the right situations and which approach to take.

With a wealth of examples and experiences being used by the dating coaches in this interview, it should certainly start you off on the right path and will help you explore when to apply boundaries.

What I disliked about Takeaways and Boundaries

The one area that would have been beneficial of more discussion was that of where boundaries are used in relationships’\. Although the interview is of quite a long duration it was a shame that more examples weren’t given for those in when dating a woman, as this would have been extremely helpful and valuable as there tends to be less advice available on this subject.


Concluding Takeaways and Boundaries

This dating audio really was a valuable and great product to use as it really covered the important subject of men who want to attract and have a complete relationship with the higher quality and attractive woman. If you are aiming to become a master of dating then this is certainly a product that I recommend you study to give you the edge.

The dating advice that Braddock and Daxx provide in the Takeaways and Boundaries audio series will increase the women in your sex and dating life. As they explain, this is “Man Game,” so you have to be ready to lose some girls in order to add the stunners in your dating life.

Boundaries also helped me become more confident with myself. There are times when you feel like you may be taken advantage of by a woman. Braddock and Daxx explain how to use boundaries to not let this happen. Boundaries also helped my overall inner game, because I was now comfortable telling people “no” to certain things (not just in dating, in other aspects of life as well), which was hard for me in the past.

I strongly recommend this dating product if you are already attracting women but you would like to attract higher quality women. Also this product is particularly helpful for men that find that once they have attracted a woman they lose interest or become disrespectful towards you. It is also a great product if you are already in a relationship with a woman but have found that they are giving you little respect or making it hard work. Overall amazing product that will also contribute to helping you become a better man in other aspects of your life besides dating.

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