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Review on Teasing by dating coaches Braddock and Dahunter

Braddock and Dahunter’s audio on teasing has made a large impact on my game. The reason why I believe this audio is so crucial is because “negging” is outdated and most likely will not work any more. If you can tease a girl effectively, it will spark great attraction and keep her wanting you more. Unlike negging, teasing does not put the girl down. It will keep the conversation fun and separate you from all the other normal guys out there.

Many dating products focus on a broad range of topics or skill sets. Because this dating audio focuses solely on one specific skill set, this review will get a bit detailed on what you can expect in this audio. For new guys, this will be hard to implement because teasing is a tool to gain attraction. You have to have your other dating skills in check such as opening,transitioning, and a little bit of attraction. The great thing about this dating audio is that you can keep listening to it and practicing, and eventually you will master teasing and see how powerful it can be in your dating life.

You may think teasing is a simple dating skill that is easy to implement. Once you check out this audio, you will be amazed at all the different dimensions there are to teasing. Braddock and Dahunter explain to you when to tease, how to tease, and how to tailor your teases for the right girl. What if you get a woman mad because you went too far with your teasing? Braddock and Dahunter guide you on how to get out of the damage you caused and get back to a normal interaction with the woman.

A little bit of the detail you will get with the Teasing audio

One reason why this dating audio is so important is because of “negging” theory. Back in the start of the PUA community, dating coach Mystery developed negging theory. Negging is when you put a girl down to try to make her value decrease. This can at times be offensive to her and hurt a woman. Negging worked back in the day, but if you try it now you will get no women into your dating life. Negging is outdated, and teasing has taken over.

Teasing sets a playful vibe. It is all about self entertaining yourself and putting a girl on her heels in a playful way. If you can tease correctly, it shows you don’t take the interaction too seriously.

I wondered why teasing works so well, and dating coaches Braddock and Dahunter gave me the answer I have been looking for. They explained that people generally always tease people that are equal or lower value to them. Think about it, would you tease your boss and risk getting fired? No, because he technically is higher value than you in the work place. If you refuse to tease a girl, you are showing her that she is higher value than you. You don’t want to expose yourself as a low value guy, and teasing her shows that you are either higher value or equal with her.

Teasing is going to cause a girl to become massively attracted to you. This is a powerful skill set that can take you very far in your dating life if you master it.

 What dating skill level is Teasing best suited for?

I would recommend teasing for intermediate to advanced guys. If you can’t open and transition a woman, then there is no point in studying this dating skill. Once you get good at opening and transitioning, teasing is a great dating skill to add into your arsenal to help you gain attraction.

How Teasing impacted my dating life

Teasing helped me become a master with attraction. Teasing is a skill that everyone is going to need to master if they ever want to have an ideal dating life. You can tell girls all the DHV stories you want and sure she may get attracted, but you will get no where unless you can tease her. This dating audio was a good guide on how to tease. I knew I had to add teasing in my dating life, and it wasn’t until this audio that I was able to easily add it into my dating skill set. With repetition, I was gaining massive attraction in my dating life.

How to use Teasing to improve your dating life

Once you are ready to focus solely on attraction, this dating audio is a MUST. Braddock and Dahunter give you great guidance on how to add teasing as one of your dating skills. Not only do they go into great detail on teasing, but Braddock and Dahunter give you so may examples that are fun and easy to use.

What I disliked about Teasing

It is hard to find something negative on this dating audio. Teasing is an important dating skill, and this audio allowed me to improve drastically. I cannot see anything bad about this dating product. It is hard to put anything negative about this dating product in our review.

Concluding Love Systems’ Teasing Audio by Braddock and Dahunter

Being able to tease a girl will take practice, but the audio is so in-depth that you are given all the tools to eventually master teasing and gain powerful attraction. You get some prime dating advice and examples from two premiere dating coaches.

I really recommend this dating audio on teasing. Many people have the negging theory still embedded in their mind which can turn out to be very unhealthy with women. This audio has given me the tools and information to master teasing and attract more girls.

The best dating coaches in the world are always teasing girls. There are many attraction switches out there that can work for you, but if you are not teasing a girl your dating life can be boring. Teasing a girl will not only add more women into your dating life, but make things fun.


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