How do I get her to start dating me?

Did you just have a great conversation with a woman? Did you both hit it off well, both laughing and just having a great time? You got her phone number, and now you are wondering how you are going to be dating this girl. We’ve all been in the situation where things went well, we got a woman’s phone number, and then we fail to get any responses from her whether it is text or phone call.

How to text a girl

I am going to give you some dating tips and advice on how to make that phone number legitimate. Once you learn how to properly execute phone game, your dating life will be filled with much more women. If you learn good text game, your dating skills will also improve as well. So here are some tips on how to prevent losing that girl.

Go back and remember as much as you can from the conversation you had with the woman. What did you both laugh about? What were some activities and hobbies she told you about? Did you both have an inside joke together? Well, write down your interaction with the woman and then take a look at all your notes.

Now think of something to text her. Guys, this will also enhance your dating skills outside of the phone too. You will learn to become funnier in real interactions, not just text. So for example, let’s say you met her at a coffee shop or somewhere like that and you both had a great conversation. A few hours later, you can text her something funny such as “Do you always just come and talk to handsome guys in the coffee shop?” This will make the woman laugh and she will remember who you were.

Maintain interaction with the woman

From there on, you can keep the text interaction going and then eventually talk to her on the phone. The only way you will be dating this woman is if you can intrigue her. Don’t be a boring guy who texts standard stuff like “hey” or “nice meeting you.” This will bore the women and you will end up losing her. If you text her the next day after meeting in a nightclub, text her something that will keep her emotion spiked. If you both had fun, text her something that will remind her of the fun you had. Show her why she should be dating you.

Make your dating life more consistent

For more on this, you can check out The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game by Dating Coaches Braddock and Mr. M of Love Systems. The book is filled with great dating advice towards phone and text game, and has personally helped me have consistency in my dating life. Another option that will help solidify your phone game is David Wygant’s Guys Guide To Texting. Both these dating guides are filled with great advice to help you keep more of the women you meet.