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The Art of Close by David Wygant

The Art of Close by David Wygant


Review on The Art of Close by David Wygant

By dating coach David Wygant

I found this dating product to be a pleasant surprise. I respect David Wygant a lot and think he is a dating coach with principles that many guys should apply into their game. I do have a different style than David Wygant, but I have always been a fan of his mentality and natural approach in meeting women. David Wygant’s methods have helped some pieces of my dating life and I recommend most of his products to everyone.

I really liked David Wygant’s The Art of Close because it focuses on sealing the deal with a woman when dating her. How often have you been on a date that went really well, and you failed to close it? It happens many times, and David Wygant gives you a phenomenal blueprint on how to close things with a woman when dating her. It used to take me a while to even get a kiss when dating a woman, and David Wygant teaches you how to get that and much more…. sleeping with her.

David Wygant’s dating techniques are going to have a girl wanting you and just make you more desirable to her. If you have ever seen David Wygant speak or teach, you will notice how confident he is with his words as well as the frame he sets. It’s obvious he knows his stuff, and the best part is there are no lines or routines in any of his teachings. What you learn and apply to your dating life from David Wygant is going to come off as totally natural.

Many guys make mistakes when dating women. Like my old self, most guys are probably taking girls on boring dates, and saying the same boring stuff. There are dates out there that are going to have a girl go wild for you, and beg for you to continue dating her. David Wygant’s The Art of Close includes date ideas that are going to attract women in ways you thought were never possible.

What dating skill level is David Wygant’s The Art of Close best suited for

This dating product is best for beginners and intermediate skill levels. For all guys new to dating, this product is going to put you light years ahead of where typical guys will be. I wish I had David Wygant’s product back when I started, because I realized all the mistakes I made and all the opportunities I failed to close in the early stages of my dating life. David Wygant’s The art of close would have worked wonders for me.

This product will also help advanced guys as well. There are still times that even some of the best in the world at dating are failing to close the girl right away. This product is going to assist you in sealing the deal every time.

How David Wygant’s The Art of Close impacted my dating life

David Wygant’s The Art of Close definitely helped solidify my dating life. Like I mentioned earlier, I wish I had this product in my early stages of dating. There were many potential closes I could have had on dates, and I ruined it because I was in-experienced with sealing the deal. Even though I was getting better with dating, I still needed help closing at times and David Wygant’s product made a huge impact on all my dates. I was consistently gaining much more attraction during all my dates, and was consistently closing women when I went out with them.

David Wygant’s The Art of Close is going to really sharpen your skills when on dates with women. Once I learned the methods in the product, dating became an extremely enjoyable activity for me, as well as the women I was seeing.

How to use David Wygant’s The Art of Close to improve your dating life

It is very important to practice the material you learn in the product while you are dating women. There is so much valuable material you will be learning in this David Wygant’s product. How do you kiss her without being a creep? Well after you apply the methods from this product, you will be kissing women naturally while you are dating them. David Wygant teaches you how to become a confident and dominant man in your dating life. This is key here, as some guys can come off as ass holes that will end up losing women. David Wygant teaches you how to be a confident man in a very desirable way. David Wygant’s The Art of Close is also going to show you how to keep a girl. If you come along a girl you think you love, this dating product is going to help you keep her.

What I disliked about David Wygant’s  The Art of Close

Like other David Wygant products, the dating advice is much too basic. It is valuable advice nonetheless, but he seems to repeat certain concepts at times. He recycles many of this methods over and over again, and it is all pretty basic. But very crucial product for meeting women and setting up unforgettable dates.

Concluding David Wygant’s The Art of Close

Very solid dating product by David Wygant. This product is one of our better selling ones for quite a few reasons. It really helps you solidify dates. Many guys have problems closing women on dates, and some guys even have problems getting dates with gorgeous women. David Wygant is going to teach you how to effectively date women, and keep them in your life.

Also, guys tend to set up standard boring dates, and are saying the wrong things when dating women. David Wygant teaches you how to become a confident man in your dating life, which will have women much more attracted to you.

The key trait that David Wygant offers in this product and all other ones is the natural style of game he teaches. David Wygant’s methods are going to enhance everyone’s game in the long run.

Definitely recommended product by David Wygant. One of our best sellers for a reason; David Wygant is the real deal and will teach you principles that are healthy for your dating life. The material may sometimes seem basic, but David Wygant does offer valuable advice that WILL help you. If you want to consistently gain more attraction in your dating life, and seal the deal more… this is the dating product for you.

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  1. very nice review, as already said it’s important to practice the material when dating specially for beginners .

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