The Blueprint Decoded

The Blueprint Decoded

Review of The Blueprint Decoded:

If there is one dating product that I always beg my friends to watch and will someday make my son watch it is The Blueprint Decoded. I have been in the dating world for years and have watched and reviewed almost every book, audio, and DVD available. What I have learned from my long adventure and countless hours spent researching these products is that there are very few truly great dating advice products out there, and The Blueprint Decoded is one of them. If you are new to the dating world and have just found all these products, then you won’t appreciate just how amazing The Blueprint Decoded is. If you spend some time on Dating Products Review, you will see that it is very hard to receive a 5 star editor rating on this site. If it was possible….The Blueprint Decoded would receive 10 stars and I’m not exaggerating.

What makes The Blueprint Decoded such a strong product is the fact that the creator Tyler Durden co owner of the company Real Social Dynamics has been a dating coach for over 10 years. He has done more workshops and taught more students than any other dating coach in the world. He is one of the pioneers in the men’s movement to create a sub culture where men had a place where they could meet and discuss how to meet women and how to sharpen their skills. Most of the dating products out there today have roots in knowledge Tyler originally created.

The Blueprint Decoded is 20…that’s right, 20 DVD’s long.  The best dating products on Dating Products Review, usually have no more than 3 DVD’s.  The fact that Tyler could make The Blueprint Decoded filled with this much content and none of it is filler, is amazing!  One thing I’ve learned from this job is that most dating products out there are short simply for the fact that the author does not have enough experience to generate lots of quality content. Tyler has been in almost every dating situation that you can think of and helped thousands of students through their individual problems with meeting and attracting women, so The Blueprint Decoded is jam packed with answers to nearly every dating hangup you can possibly imagine.

Every DVD on The Blueprint Decoded will take you a while to watch, simply because you will find yourself hitting rewind to hear concepts again and again. I highly suggest you have your laptop or a notebook ready, because The Blueprint Decoded goes very deep and is not one you can skim lightly. I promise you this, if you pay attention and do the things said in The Blueprint Decoded, there is no other product on the market that will change your life more.

Another thing that makes The Blueprint Decoded one of the best dating products, is the fact that the inner game portions are not just pop psychology that are cookie cutter feel good ideas that fit the general public. The Blueprint Decoded attacks specific psychological sticking points that are specific to a man’s dating life. These are things that you can’t find in any magazine, psychology book, or average dating tips eBook. Of all the dating products on the market, there is not one that  goes this deep and will completely change how you look at your dating life.


Sample Video of The Blueprint Decoded by Tyler Durden of Real Social Dynamics:



The Impact The Blueprint Decoded made on my dating life:

The Bluepint Decoded, of all the dating products on the market, made the biggest impacts on my dating life overall. Inner Game is the most important aspect of developing a healthy and abundant dating life. It also shies away from being too routine dependent or robotic like most dating products do. The thing about inner game is that it is a mindset change. Having the right beliefs makes everything you say, how you move, how you speak, and how you present yourself come together and be congruent and natural. You can have great inner game and bad outer game and still be in the dating world, but vice versa will not cut it.
What makes The Blueprint Decoded is one of the best dating products because it is an intensive program based on inner game and confidence. Changing your mindset will greatly change the dating game for you almost over night, as opposed to memorizing PUA routines and dating tactics like many bad dating products ask you to do.

I was once a guy who depended on dating routines and pick up lines to try to improve my dating life. At times it did work, but in the long run I realized my success rate was decreasing. I also realized that what I was saying was words that did not represent me. Think about it, how hard is it to say something that doesn’t reflect you as a person at all, and make it seem legitimate? It is near impossible. Real Social Dynamics made great emphasis on that, and that is why The Blueprint Decoded has changed my game and helped fill my dating life with gorgeous women. The things I am saying are things that I believe and my inner game and confidence is at an all time high because the program has changed my mindset. I don’t need to focus on routines or tactics anymore, I have embedded the right mindset where I can go be who I am and attract women, making my dating life more consistent.

The Blueprint Decoded Dislikes:

The Blueprint Decoded can be a little difficult to implement into one’s arsenal for a new guy. It is not like a certain dating practice or routine that can be used, but it has focus on certain mindsets, which can make it a little tough to get the hang of.

Is the Blueprint Decoded worth it?

The Blueprint Decoded WILL change your life. Not only will it enhance your dating life, it will improve your overall mentality in life. You will find yourself more confident and determined with everything, whether it be business, sports, or dating.I think this is one of Real Social Dynamics’ best products, and one of the most effective dating products out on the market. It will however take time and commitment, and if you are serious in making a life change then it is vital to put in the time and get a hold of The Blueprint Decoded


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