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The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating

The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating

Review of The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating

One of Love Systems’ premiere dating coaches, Cajun, really developed a product  that I would say is a must-have for anyone. The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating is filled with extremely valuable information that can easily help anyone add some extra women in their dating lives. The best thing about this dating product is that it is extremely easy to implement and use right away. You can literally copy and paste some of Cajun’s material from the book and you will see instant results. Another great thing about this product is that it requires little effort to implement online dating into your life. Even Cajun will mention it, all you need is a couple hours a week, maximum, and you will easily meet and date gorgeous women. Finally, this book is an extremely easy read filled with valuable dating advice that will also impact other aspects of your dating skills such as humor. The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating is also extremely funny! If you are not familiar with Cajun, he is one of the funniest instructors you will hear about! He is a master in making girls laugh, and humor is clearly one of his best skills.

Oh, and even though this book can be used for all online dating sites, Cajun suggests a few of the main ones that will get you the best results… and both of them are free!! You literally just have to make a one-time purchase with this book, and you will see massive results!

What skill level is the Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating most suited for?

The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating will impact every one, regardless of skill level! This book is the ultimate how-to guide to master online dating, and you get all the steps laid out for your. All you need to do is just follow exactly what is in the book, and you can even copy and paste the content.

How the Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating impacted my dating life

This dating product is quite recent, so the first time I read it was during the time I was decently skilled with my game. I had NEVER considered online dating, and actually was very against the idea. I always would get scary thoughts when the idea of dating someone you met online came to my head. I had always been a fan of Cajun for the past couple of years, he has been one of Love Systems’ best dating coaches so I had a lot of respect for him and his work. I had to get myself a copy of the Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating because I knew Cajun was gonna offer some great value in the product, even though I wasn’t gonna use it.

After reading it, I was sold and instantly made a profile. I had no knowledge of online dating, so I mimicked Cajun’s profile as much as possible. I instantly was seeing results and getting messages! I was also shocked at how many hot girls there was on these online dating sites… real ones too! You may run into fake profiles, but Cajun tackles this topic in his book and helps you screen out the phony profiles so you don’t make any mistakes.

After getting my profile perfect, I started messaging girls every now and then. Literally, all you need to do is spend a couple hours maximum a week on your online dating site. This is the most efficient method of dating I have ever encountered. I also copied Cajun’s messages word for word as well, and was getting responses. The fun thing about online dating is that you can also trial and error with many women. There is no approach anxiety here!

I was starting to set up frequent dates from the dating sites I was using. I used Cajun’s method on transitioning the interactions into eventual dates, and everything was working like a charm. I was a believer in online dating thanks to Cajun. It didn’t stop me from going out either, as you barely need to commit any time to this.

How to use The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating to improve your dating life

I don’t really even have to get into this topic that much. Cajun seriously makes this so easy for you. I have never encountered a product that was this easy to implement into your dating life. Cajun takes you step by step in everything, and in great detail. He takes you through the process of writing your profile, gives his exact dating profile and explains why he wrote each field, and tells you how to take pictures (yes, the way you take a picture will make a huge difference!), and here he gives his own pictures as well.

All you need to do is follow Cajun’s steps. You won’t have any questions because every topic about online dating is covered in detail. His advice is based on the main free dating sites as well, so you won’t be paying a dime after getting his book. It really is the most efficient method of dating out there. You will give little time and commitment…. be prepared to be amazed with drastic improvements in your love life.

What I disliked about The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating

Cajun did a great job of putting his own profile in the book for everyone to see. It would have helped a bit more had he put another profile example just to get a better idea. No big deal though, as he clearly gives you enough content to make your own profile to match you.


The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating: Little effort, more women in your dating life!

I recommend this book to everyone. Not only is the dating advice prime, but this book is so easy to implement in your dating life. As mentioned earlier, you literally can mimic what Cajun did on your online profile and you will see results. This guide allows you to give little effort, and in return add many extra women into your love life. I am not sure there will ever be a review for another online dating guide; Cajun hit a home run with this dating product.

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